Fun foot fetish love on this fine Veterans Day! My foot ran up the pant of his uniform, making him squirm the closer I got to his erect cock. He had the biggest

foot fetish I’d ever experienced. I knew this was going to make him go crazy for more. I could think of no better way to thank him for his service than giving into his kinky little fetish!

The closer my bare foot got to his rock hard crotch, the longer he held his breath. I know if I gave him exactly what he wanted to fast he’d blow his load. I couldn’t let the fun end that fast. Standing him up I slowly unbuttoned his hands and slid them down his ass. I started to laugh when I saw his tighty whities! His cock was balled up right in the front. It looked so uncomfortable but I didn’t care very much at this point.

Sitting him back down I put my foot directly on his crotch and pressed down hard. I didn’t want to hurt him, but causing him some discomfort was okay. Pushing a little bit harder I could feel his dick pulsing against my foot. I pulled my leg away revealing a wet spot on his underwear. Before letting him have anymore pleasure I made him lick the wetness off my toes.

I sat back in my chair, pulled his underwear down, and clasped my feet around his shaft. You could tell this was making him crazy! His foot fetish was out of this world and he had no shame! Pressing my feet firmly together I began to stroke up and down. It literally took only 30 seconds before he was screaming out in orgasm, and his cum erupted from his cock. He just couldn’t contain himself any longer! Without even cleaning him up, I pulled his pants back on, smacked his ass, and sent him off to work!

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