And You Won’t believe what it is… ok, maybe you will! I LOVE Jerking a guy off! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! What a yummy Fetish to have.

Normally I don’t Like to be in control, but this kinda situation made me very comfortable.

This past weekend, I had a guy friend of mine over
We were hanging out, and drinking a bit, Normally we play out a filthy fantasy of mine.
He kept telling me he loved my new heels ( he has a HUGE shoe fetish)
So I started teasing him through his pants with them.

They were hot fucking heels too!  Stripper heels with spikes
I toyed with his zipper and tapping it with the spikes…
He kept telling me I had to stop or he would cum..
I told him to shut the fuck up…. and sit on his hands.

I teased, showing off my Stripper heels.

Then I took them off and handed them to him
As he held them I undid his pants, and watched as his cock SPRANG up!

He was Throbbing, and oozing precum

I settled between his thighs and watched as he caressed my heels

Embracing them, he molested my sexy heels

Pouring the lube all over his cock, the cool liquid made him hiss



I started stroking, and he started clutching my heels, pulling it tightly to his chest.
I massaged his balls with one hand while slowly fucking him with my hand.
Sliding my opened fist around his hardness.
Moving my wrist in a circular motion.

Watching this gorgeous Beast of a man holding my hottest pair of high heels,
Digging the heel into his chest as he neared his Cum explosion.

I slowed…
He was totally at my whim.
I teased his cock with my fingers… lightly scratching at his balls with the feathering of my fingernails
I was edging him.. feeling him tense.. feeling him swell.


More Lube, and then both hands with fingers interlocked, churning his cock.. he began to thrust into my fingers, his hips bucked.


I blew my breath all over his cock,
” Tell me how much you Like my Shoes Tim”

As he began professing his love for my Stripper High Heels
I began Pumping his cock… Quickening my pace with his every sentence.

He began spurting his cream all over, shooting streams of cum hitting at his shoulders, all over his stomach, and all over my sluttiest pair of high heels. So Fucking hot! I couldn’t even be mad at him for cumming all over my pretty heels.

Mmmm, They do look pretty don’t they? You should’ve seen them covered in CUM!


Cock Control at its finest
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