Foot Fetish – How to involve your lady

foot fetish

First, a warning. If you’re reading this and you are put off by the thought of licking, sucking, and kissing a woman’s feet, then this blog post probably isn’t for you.  Maybe you have a different fetish.  Perhaps you’d like to suck your own dick? If foot fetishes are your thing, then read on!

You realize now that you’re not alone in your love of ladies’ feet. And that the body part men fetishize the most, aside from the usual tits, pussy, ass, etc., is feet. You even know why you may feel that way. So, now what? You need some beautiful lady feet to worship.

Is your lady into having her feet licked and sucked and pampered? If she is, lucky you! However, if not, there is still hope for getting your lady on board with and even enjoy your foot fetish!

Talk to her

First and foremost, you must talk to your partner about it. This is key to you both enjoying the extra attention to her lovely feet. As you know, everyone’s foot fetish is different. Tell her what you like and what you’re into. Whether you like shoes, or you want her lady toes in your mouth as soon as possible.

Or, if you want to enjoy the smell of her feet or her shoes. And even if you have a crossover foot fetish that includes stockings, socks, and high heels. She needs to know what you like and, more importantly, what you are asking her to like. Therefore, this will make the experience better for both of you.

At first, your lady might not be sure if she’s going to enjoy your foot fetish at all. Not everyone has a positive reaction when a partner tells them about their interest in feet. This is pretty common upon first hearing about a partner’s love of feet and what he wants to do to hers.

Foot fetish – Listen and ask questions

If your partner has been honest with you so far and expressed any concerns she might have, this is a very positive sign. Some topics to discuss which may lead to even more conversation about incorporating your foot fetish are:

      • Activities you think you will like the most
      • Do you want her to reciprocate in any way?
      • What you want to try first
      • Do you see this as foreplay or the actual sex act?

Just remember, though, that your partner may need some time to think about this and come up with questions.

Free Pedicures

First, know that your lady might be a little self-conscious about her feet. She may not get pedicures or has not gotten one in a while. Despite this, women almost universally love having their feet pampered and having soft, smooth, and pretty feet afterward. You can use this to your advantage!

You can learn to give her pedicures at home. Ask your lady what products and tools and methods she likes. Most of us know exactly what we like. And learn how to do it. You will enjoy the time with your hands on her feet, and she will enjoy the intimate attention from her man. Maybe she will even let you pick the polish color that you will apply to her adorable toes.

If you are not up to the challenge, you can always pay for them. Make sure you are sending her to an expensive high-end salon. Not the cheapest one down the street. The focus is pampering, not price. Try going with her and picking out the color. Either way, she will be more likely to let you worship her beautiful feet if she feels confident about them, and her feet make her feel beautiful.

Foot massages

Women love foot massages. That is pretty obvious. Whether your girl works on her feet, wears high heels, or is a dancer or an athlete, a foot massage is a way that you can get some “feet time” and know that she will be happy. In addition to feeling great, they can be relaxing, sensual, and intimate.

Erotic foot massages can also be a great way to introduce your foot fetish to your partner. Feet are full of nerve endings and are practically made to receive pleasure. Try adding massage oil or even lotion to add to her bliss. Your foot massage can be anything from relaxing to sensual to erotic.

A word of warning, though. You will quickly find out if your lady has ticklish feet. She may like to be tickled, but it’s likely she won’t. In most cases, notice what tickles her and avoid doing it again.

Next up:

More ways to keep your lady’s feet happy.  And things you can do if your lady isn’t interested in your foot fetish.

foot fetish

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