When I found out my boyfriend had a foot fetish our whole relationship changed. He has always given me foot massages since we first started dating. I thought he was just very thoughtful, sweet and loving. I couldn’t think of anybody else I knew who was so excited about rubbing on someones tired, smelly feet unless they were getting paid to do it. But Roger really loved to massage my feet. I used to be embarrassed because I worked in retail and stood on my feet most of the day. I knew my feet must be smelly when I know that they’re sweaty after a long day at work.

But Roger would set me down and make me comfortable and slide off my heels and put his nose to the ball of my foot and just breath in my funk. I thought it was weird, but also kind of sexy. He would next slide his hand up my skirt and gently remove my thigh high stockings. Roger gently stroked my feet and caressed them acting out his Foot Fetish. He had his own special oils that he used to massage my feet. It always made me fall asleep. One time I fell asleep while he was massaging my right foot. It felt so good and felt so relaxed that I just nodded off.

When I started to awake from my massage induced nap I felt something wet and sticky on my toes.

I looked up and saw Roger licking and sucking my toes. He didn’t notice that I was looking and I was fascinated at turned he was. He looked at me and saw me staring. The bulge in his pants was enormous. He unzipped his pants and guided my sticking toes to his rock hard cock. I slid the balls of my feet across the shaft of his cock and pressed on his balls with the heel of my foot. He let out a moan. From that day on his Foot Fetish became a part of us.

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