Foot Fetish Fully Expressed Sucking Very Sexy All Over My Pretty Little Toes turns me on.

Loving the way a man gets so obsessed over my toes has always been a real thing for me. Experiencing a real Foot Fetish from a man was a little strange at the first realization. Warming up to the idea of allowing someone to explore this with my feet happened almost right away. Resisting something so attention-getting just really isn’t in my nature. Playing a new game in the sack is much more my speed. Licking my little painted toes was where it all started. He looked up into my eyes and smiled while he licked.

Standing up over him I would slide my foot into his mouth while he tried to fit every bit into his mouth. Loving every second of it he begged for more. Sliding his fingertips slowly up the arch of my foot and talking dirty to me, I melted. Taking it to the next level we started having Fetish Phone Sex together. Using his weakness I would make him beg me to say words like sexy toes, and pretty feet. Turning him on like a freak I completely loved the power and control it gave me.

Watching Foot Fetish Porn together was the next new ground we broke through. Sucking my toes and biting my heels while watching a guy shove a woman’s foot down his throat turned him into a wild animal. Tackling me and lifting my legs up and over his shoulders, he pushed his huge cock inside of me.

Turning his head to the side he starts to suck my toes while he’s slipping in and out of my tight little pussy.

 Taking me over and over again the Phone Sex and the in-person sex kept getting better. From then on out I’ve always been a sucker for a man with a foot fetish.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke