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His hands began to explore my body with a firm grip as I pulled him onto the bed. A mere two hours ago we were strangers, yet here we were, now in the heat of the moment. He was a fairly attractive man in his mid 20’s, and had talked his way into my hotel room with his witty charm. Later the night will get wild once I find out about his foot fetish.

A spicy herbal scent danced into my nose, radiating from his aftershave as his lips began to graze the skin of my cheeks. I whimpered softly as he tickled me with his tongue, knowing that my gentle moans would turn him on. As he teased me, he began to unbutton my silky white blouse to expose my breasts, which he cupped between his palms and began to fondle in a clockwise motion.

I couldn’t resist his advances anymore.

I traced my palms down his chest before I peeled away his black cotton shirt, throwing it onto a pile on the floor. In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised at the muscular tone of his body; his shoulders were broad and his biceps were strongly defined. As I pulled him closer to me, I could feel his erect cock pressing tightly against my lace underwear. I hiked my skirt upwards to reveal them.

He ran his hands up the inner thigh of my legs, which were encased in the glossy sheer nylon surface of my lace-top stockings, before he slipped his hand into my panties. I tilted my head backwards, letting out moans of passion. He slipped his finger into the moist depths of my pussy. It was quivering in anticipation for him.

As he became acquainted with my body, his hands explored my nylon covered legs before he eventually became fixated on my feet. I giggled nervously as he began to tickle the soles of my feet. I didn’t know what he was trying to achieve from doing so.

After a short while, though, it became apparent to me that the man had a foot fetish.

He began to kiss a trail down my stockings until his lips came to a halt on my toes. His tongue began to slither over my feet before he slipped my nylon encased toes into his mouth and began to suck them lightly. It was almost as if he was worshipping my feet.

Not knowing whether to be shocked or aroused, I let out a half giggle – half moan as my feet tingled through the smooth surface of my stockings. He began to stare intently at the bottom of my feet. It didn’t take long for me to realize what it was that he wanted.

As he pulled his erect cock out of his trousers, I stroked it with the bottom of my feet. I watched as he wreathed in pleasure under the touch of my stockings. The fact that I could hold so much sexual power over a man just by using my feet, admittedly turned me on a little bit. He pulled my other foot towards him and sandwiched his member between the two of them. He was thrusting his hips slowly as he breathed heavily.

His cock began to tremble between my feet.

I could see the pure expression of ecstasy burning into his face as his muscles began to tense. A few moments later, his thick sticky cum began to erupt over my nylons. It was dripping through the thin material and onto my toes.

The man wasn’t finished there though; Once cum stopped spurting from the tip of his erection. He once again began to flick his tongue over my feet. He was licking them clean of his juices before collapsing aside me on the bed with a satisfied expression set on his face.

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