Do you have a Foot Fetish Fantasy you would like to explore? Sit back and relax as I fill your mind with the details of my foot fetish slaves. (Wicked LiL Laugh) How I love teasing you and all the men with stockings, high heels and my bare naked pedicured feet fetishes. Your weakness is my pleasure.

Every evening after a long day of shopping my Foot Fetish Fantasy slave Andre’ would be waiting like a starving puppy begging for my attention. Upon my arrival, he would lavish me with pleasures that ever woman craves and deserves. He is such a good boy. Slowly he would remove my sexy stiletto heels, as he licked my heels clean and sucked on the post.

As he completed each task properly he was rewarded with certain pleasures. Andre’ carefully and gently slipped my heels off and began worshiping my nylon feet. Slowly he licked up the soles and sucked on my pedicured toes. There’s something so sensual about the way he would kiss my feet. Tenderly taking each little toe and sucking them, as he recited how he is here only to serve me.

I can tell from the eager look in his eyes, Andres’ only pleasure was to see his Goddess and Mistress pleased. He poured a little scented lavender oil in his hands he gently caressed my calves. He became extremely aroused, as he felt the silky nylons gliding through his fingers. I enjoyed rewarding him, as I gently stroked my free foot up and down over his cock.

A few gentle rubs and the excitement took Andre beyond control. Like a good little foot slave, he understood he was only allowed to bring his cock out while he was worshiping his mistress from head to toe. Seconds later a drop of  pre-cum was released from his cock. Gently he kissed up my calves, side to side, so as not to miss an inch of my delicious body. I parted my legs revealing my black lace and silk panties to him.

The aroma of my pussy juices intoxicated him.  Immediately the scent of my cum filled pussy escaped into the air.  My naughty little foot slave also had a hidden cuckold fetish fantasy. He begged and groveled to lick my drenched panties. I grabbed his head and pushed his face right into my cum filled pussy. Interested in knowing more of the story? Call and find out how my adoring slave completed the task.

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