I love a man that loves my feet! Oh my gosh, it is so good to get all that attention to my beautiful tootsies. So today I found myself on a foot fetish dating site and I am so excited to see who I meet. Not everyone can handle feet. My feet are gorgeous and most people are shocked at how perfect they are. That is because most people have ugly feet.

I am not trying to be mean, it is just a fact. Women, and men too, do not give their dogs the attention they need. Truthfully, everyone should be going for pedicures year-round. So many people hop on that pedi bandwagon in warmer seasons only. Shame on you all! We are constantly working our feet to death, and to thank them, we should all be giving them love and attention.

Joining a foot fetish dating site will bring my sweet feet tons of attention.

If you know me at all, you know I love the attention to all parts of my body. Of course, you probably know how much I love getting attention to my tight sexy pussy and fine ass. Oh, don’t forget my firm titties either. There is nothing finer than a man that is giving me full attention from top to bottom, literally. Now, you understand that the bottom is my feet.

It makes me laugh out loud telling you that. Most people assume my bottom is my sexy round ass. In all my years, I haven’t had to explain myself so literally. Of course, being literal is my gig with my fetish phone sex. I love getting down and dirty with all the nasty details on our calls. I have no limits and that is a good thing for you.

The taboo subjects like Family Fucking aren’t for everyone but this gal loves it!

Nothing is too much for me. Maybe that is why I love the foot fetish dating site so much, men owning their fetish without fear. Any man that is going to be with me needs to be able to own his issues and loves. Tell me something, are you my kind of man? Likewise, you should be able to handle a sexy strong woman like me.

Although, I don’t have an issue humiliating the losers. If you are less than a man, unkind to others, a pure dick, come on down for my humiliation and torture. Bringing an asshole down a peg or ten gets my pussy all wet. I enjoy making you squirm and sweat. Forcing you to bow down and worship me will be my victory over your pathetic ass.

Of course, if you are too afraid to play with me, I am not surprised to hear it.

Now, back to my feet fellas. These men are going crazy over me and my gorgeous tootsies. The minute I was fully signed up on the site, my computer started dinging. It isn’t stopping anytime soon either. Today for lunch was Jack. He took me to a swanky restaurant and dibbled with my feet the entire time. As we were getting done, I happily gave him a foot job. He is a big load man.

I am eating lunch and dinner for free every day. All I am doing is letting them make love to my feet and finishing with some cock play. Who knew it was this easy to get so much attention? Look, I am happy to admit I am a fucking diva. It takes a lot to be this amazing and I am happy to put in the work every day.

That is why I am happy to share the goods with these sweet foot loving men.

Joining a foot fetish dating site was something out of the blue my friend was suggesting. At first, I thought she was crazy but now I understand she is the smartest girl in the room, any fucking day of the week! Tonight we are going out on a double date with two of the fetish men. They are fun and kinky and up for group sex fun! Everyone is getting off tonight.

If you want to hear the details of our night, call me. As I said, I love spilling all the dirty details. Do you love feet? If so, we are meant to play on a call.


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