My boy toy needs his fill of foot fetish daily before he can be of any use to me. It has actually become a bit of a problem because I need him to be ready to serve me at the snap of a finger. For example, last weekend I had plans to spend the afternoon shopping with my girls. It was a beautiful, sunny day which made it the perfect day to wear a light sundress and sandals. Feeling extra naughty that morning, I decided that the sundress was enough and skipped the bra and underwear underneath.

Running late that morning, I skipped our daily foot fetish session. I knew that I would be gone for a while and that my boy toy would need to be entertained while I was away. By leaving my worn panties and bra, I knew that he would be occupied for a few hours. He loved to smell my panties while I was away. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty positive that he wore my bra and panties too.

Sometimes, I’d find cum inside my dirty panties that weren’t there before.

After an afternoon of brunch and shopping with my friends from Phone Sex Kingdom. I walked into the house; exhausted, with arms full of shopping bags. I threw the bags down in the foyer and made my way into the kitchen. Where is he? Surely he heard me come in. And he knew that I was going to be shopping. Ugh! Can he not do anything right?!

I look around the house and I can tell that he has been cleaning. Well, at least he did something useful today. My boy toy is behind the sink, washing dishes when I come in. Frustrated, I immediately scold him, “did you not hear my car pull in just now? I had to unload all of my bags myself!” He jumps at the sound of my voice and pulls his earbuds out of his ears. Quickly realizing that he is in trouble, he apologizes; “I, uh, I…I’m sorry mistress. I was listening to music and I didn’t hear you come in.”

Thats My Fetish

To be honest, I was not in the mood to listen to his excuses today. I leaned against the kitchen island, tapping my foot on the floor. He dropped to his knees, burying his nose in between my toes. “Please mistress, I’m sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?” With a grin on my face, I slowly lift my sundress up above my waist. His eyes grow large at the sight of my pussy and he’s already drooling, I can’t help but laugh. Dropping my dress, I place my foot on his thigh and say, “You know what to do. If you want this pussy, you better work for it.”

He doesn’t always disappoint

My foot fetish loving boy toy eagerly runs his fingers along the heel of my foot, finding the buckle to my sandal and unbuckling my shoe. He slides my sandal off with slow and steady hands. Taking his time, all while holding my foot in his hand as if it were made of glass and he was afraid it would shatter. Holding my foot in the palm of both his hands, he caresses the top of my foot with his thumbs. Tracing the veins on my foot down to my toes.

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