Foot Fetish Daily Obsession Now Has You Cum Tributing For My Birthday

Foot fetish daily obsessions are honestly good and healthy in my own personal opinion. Obviously, you care about my opinion or you would not have clicked onto that temptingly delicious picture. You see little worm it’s my birthday week and I requested cum tributes from all kinds of cocks. Lucky for you that even includes toe sucking feet lovers like you. Although, you don’t get to enjoy the same pleasures as those who are lucky enough to serve my creams wet bald cunt.

After all, your place has been and will always be on the floor under my beautiful heels. No amount of generosity over my own birthday excitement would ever change that for you. So let me explain worm, it is your honor to be allowed to kneel at my feet. Bow down to them. Your hands flat on the ground on either side of my beautiful feet and lean over kissing the tops of them as if in prayer. After all, you are paying worship to the soft, perfectly maintained surface of my feet.



Your Foot Fetish Daily Obsession Now Has You Cum


Tributing For My Birthday

My perfect heels, however, are going to stay in place on my feet perhaps this time. That means the only way you are going to be able to lick your little slimy tongue beneath them in by wedging it between the tender surface of my arch and the inside of my heel. Although, I am certain just reading this foot fetish porn is already making your rod throb. You would do anything to be allowed to rub your dick over the top of my pretty feet, wouldn’t you? Now is your chance. Not only am I allowing 5 free sex chat minutes in celebration for my birthday.

After all, for you, that means more time to worships the souls that carry perfection. Likewise, however, I am going to allow you to grovel and beg at my feet even paying tribute this birthday Princess with your slimy worm cum load. Show me just how much you appreciate your beautiful Princess and everything she allows you to do. Stroke yourself over my perfectly pedicured piggies while you beg me to explode and satisfy your foot fetish cravings.  The perfect solution for your foot fetish daily obsession!

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