Foot Fetish Call Turns Rose On Just As Much As It Excites My Foot Worshiping Pets

Do you love to be a foot slut? Does your mouth water, your cock tingle when you see a pair of women’s feet!?! Old women, young women, sexy women, slutty women, they all have dirty, sexy feet that need to be worshiped. Will you crawl for a chance to smell, lick or maybe even suck those beautiful feet!?! A foot fetish call with Rose will bring you where you want to be.

Rose loves her little submissive foot worshiping whores! If you feel the need to both kneel down to worship and be of use by a dominant woman, may I suggest that you present yourself to me as a potential foot worshiping slut? Oh, hush, you don’t have to whine so much about it, my feet are sweet smelling and smooth. Of course, now it is your place, your job, and your responsibility to call often to keep my feet sweet and smooth. You do know the best way for a foot fetishist to indulge their love of feet, right? Talking to a dominant, sweet, pet lover like Rose!

Oh no, you poor foot slut. You’ve been denying yourself the joy of foot worship for too long.

If you want to be my foot slave, you must be worthy, you must pass my tests. If you do, I’ll put you to work. I have a nice bubbling foot bath and all the accessories. Foot pumice and files, moisturizing lotion, and of course an epic collection of nail polishes and glosses. Time to kneel down, and worship my feet before you even deserve to tend to them.

Tell me how fortunate you are to be the chosen one to serve my feet today during our XXX foot fetish call. Take your time with it! Enjoy the moment, and make sure to hold my foot lovingly in your palm. Rub some sugar scrub into the sole, and around my toes. Rinse, then lick the last sweet suds away. You can suck on my toes, I will allow it. I wouldn’t suggest trying to suck the lotion off, though. Just the sugar scrub.

If you’re an exceptional foot slut, I may even give you a treat. By exceptional I mean impressionable.

Can you imagine how lucky you would be to end our call with a treat!?! Something special to remember Miss Rose for a long time from now. Well, I really, truly, deeply love giving foot jobs. But only for the subs that really truly deserve such attention from their Mistress. Your throbbing hard sensitive cock between your Mistress’s feet, can you imagine it. You are probably ready to explode right now just thinking about the pleasure you would feel. A foot fetish call is just one aspect of humiliation phone sex that Rose absolutely lives for.

There’s something so fun about using my feet and toes to play with a desperate submissive’s cock and balls. The distance using my leg creates, the sense of dismissal that comes from stepping on your crotch, and the sweet moans you’ll be making all combine into one hot and horny experience. I would only use my hands to jerk you off if absolutely necessary. I certainly wouldn’t use my pussy on you.  Never, ever, you are so not worthy. If you let on that you can handle this form of foot worship, I may take it further. After a call or two, I will have you spreading your thighs, sitting on your hands, and submitting to me on my phone sex hotline.


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