Foot fetish addicts just can’t resist the chance to worship my beautiful, young feet and delicate toes. However, did you really think you’d get to feed your dirty little addiction for FREE?

Foot fetish addicts just LOVE to hang out at the mall, have you ever noticed that? I mean, all a toe-sucking perv has to do is just sit there on a bench and watch all those delicious feet walk by. Stories like these make me SO freaking hot! This one is no exception, especially because it actually happened!

Who pays $1000 for the chance to squirt cream on a pretty college girl’s toes? YOU do!

As I wiggled my perfectly pedicured toes, I got off on knowing that my latest foot lover was paying good money to adore my feet. He found me through an online ad, and I blessed him with allowing him to take me shopping for some new shoes. Wasn’t that nice of me?

However, they won’t be just ANY shoes. Fuck no, we’re going to Neiman Marcus to check out the new Louboutin stilettos that I just had to have. Omg, the expression on your face is precious, baby. To play with this college girl goddess, you didn’t think you could get away with purchasing standard ol’ mall pumps, didja?

If you want MY attention, you’ll have to seriously step up your game, dude!

First of all, you’ll start by giving my feet a full massage. Here, I’ll make it easier for you by placing my sandaled feet in your lap. Oh yes, slip off my strappy, high-heeled white sandals, that’s right. After walking around the mall with you all afternoon, I deserve a little ME time.

And by that, I mean that you’ll be doing all the work. I don’t think you’ll mind much, though. On the contrary, I can see that telltale bulge growing in your shorts as you reverently bare each foot.

After all, a woman needs to warm up before a workout, right? Indeed, I’m planning on maxing out all your credit cards as you indulge our mutual foot fetish. Isn’t it NICE of me that I’m allowing you to blow all your money on pleasing me? You’re welcome!

Mmm, I knew this foot fetish addicts experience would definitely join my spank bank of favorite foot fetish stories!

On a Saturday, there are so many men scouting around for young college girls. However, they know I am the real prize. Immaculately dressed, we walked through the upscale mall like an affluent, married couple. Little did anyone know, we had just met! Once in the store, we awaited the attendant, who presented us with multiple boxes of footwear for me to try on.

Foot fetish addicts like you find upscale stores to be the very best place to indulge your toe-suckling, arch-worshiping urges, admit it!

To begin, you watched as the salesman knelt before me, removing my current shoes with great care. Of course, I greatly enjoyed your jealous expression as I made you watch it all. Next, the other man proceeded to subtly caress my arches as we casually discussed the importance of finding just the right pair. You’d begged me to allow you to assist me yourself, but we can’t have you popping off too soon, can we?!

Besides, I wanted to get the shoes first. My foot fetish slave watched enviously, trying not to moan aloud as the other man caressed my arches, his fingers spreading my toes. As I enjoyed watching your discomfiture, it was all I could do not to giggle aloud!

Unsurprisingly, the salesman unconsciously licked his lips as he lovingly fitted each pair to my waiting feet. And you looked like you were about to lose control at any moment. Super fun!

After the kneeling man eased each of my stocking-encased feet into a sleek, black patent leather Christian Louboutin peep-toe pump, I rose from the bench to strut around. I grinned to myself, noticing that neither man could stop admiring how the stilettos deliciously accentuated my perfectly toned legs.

Did the salesman realize yet what was going on here? Of course, he did! I can only imagine this would be the perfect job for a foot fetish lover. 👠 Both of you whispered back and forth for a moment, then turned to look at me. The two of you offered me 500 bucks each to allow you both to jack off on my toes.

Of course, you assured the clerk that we’d be taking the shoes afterward, too. Indeed, you told him you’d be ecstatic to purchase as many pairs as the lady desires.  My mother didn’t raise any fool, baby!

I giggled, wriggling with erotic satisfaction as their cocks exploded with a big pool of sticky cum all over my expensively-clad feet.

So warm and creamy, I never thought they’d lick it all up if I suggested it. But indeed they did! Want the rest of the cum-swapping details, baby?

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