foot fetish play during fetish phone sex

I recently went to the mall it was almost closing time, to get shoes and got a foot fetish started. I asked the handsome store personnel, Tony, where to find my size thinking to hurry. That wonderful man told me to sit. He would be right back. And he was with a stack of boxes. In each was one beautiful creation after another. Very polite he asked if he may assist me.

Well of course I accepted. Tony sat in front of me with at least 6 boxes. He took the lids off of them and inside were beautiful heels. A young lady began pulling the curtains closed and locked the door. I realized it was closing time. I offered to leave but Tony insisted he could stay open. He told the young lady to go on home he would do the rest after I was satisfied.

With that, he lifted my foot to his knee sliding off my shoe. I could tell that more was going on than a simple sale commission but was unsure what. He gently massaged my foot as we talked about the different styles he had brought. He set my foot in his lap and leaned forward to pick up one of the new pairs and I could feel his hard cock. LOL well you know I am always up for a sexual adventure so I was intrigued. I decided on the shoes immediately but did not tell him. Over the next half hour, he pushed his cock against my feet over and over.

That’s how I knew he had a foot fetish

I was extremely turned on just from watching his face. I could tell he was close to orgasm he was so turned on. Then I took matters into my own hands or feet as the case were. I pushed my foot on his cock hard enough that I pushed him straight up. With a naughty grin, I rubbed my foot up and down his cloth covered cock as he stared and trembled.

“Take your cock out,” I told Toni. With no other encouragement, he allowed his cock to spring free of his pants. I leaned back in my chair and took his cock between my cupped feet. To this day I swear it was not a full minute before he groaned and cum erupted all over my toes. I came with the first splash of his cum. When I had calmed down I realized that I was constantly bending my toes feeling his cum. I started rubbing my feet together, rubbing the cum in like lotion. I was kind of lost in it.

Next thing I knew Tony was pushing his cock between my cum covered feet again. This time he was in control and fucked my feet so violently that my chair wobbled. God, it was so erotic. I started pulling on my nipples and rubbing my cunt through my clothes. This time I orgasmed repeatedly.

LOL Tony bought all the shoes for me LOL we have a once a month… appointment to see his new shoes. In the 7 months since the first time he still has not touched above my knee. Though my feet have touched almost every part of his body.

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