foot fetish

My foot fetish was sparked by a man’s foot fetish. He loved to see me in strappy high heels, stockings. But cute socks and closed shoes were enough to cause him to become excited. At first, I thought he was just a very considerate person. He was forever offering foot messages, buying me things and Mani Pedi’s. Turns out it was his fetish. And he was using me to fulfill it.

I thought I was the most spoilt kitten ever for the first couple months. He took care of my shoes and washed my delicates by hand. I would come home and I always took a nap because. He gave me the most luxurious full body massage with tons of attention to my feet. What I did not know was that he was putting a mild drug in my glass of wine. After I was passed out he would fuck my feet and cum all over them.

We did not last though… it is a real shame he was not truthful with me. I would have loved to play. But not with someone that drugged me and took my consent away.

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