Is Foot Domination your kind of thing? Maybe?

Our story left with me in an impromptu foot domination session! To refresh your memory on part one of the story, I was towering over some sniveling idiot who I had busted smelling my shoe without my permission. This greedy little pig was an employee at a shoe store where I was shopping and needless to say, he was in for some serious punishment. I had forced him to the floor, lying him on his back with my foot firmly pressed into his balls, his legs spread wide open.

“Robert,” I said, ripping the name tag off his shirt, “…my name is Miss The Queen and you will do exactly as I say, do you understand?” He furiously shook his head ‘yes’ and I threw the name tag across the room. I sat down in a chair and barked at him, “On your knees, mother fucker– mouth open and tongue out.”

He obeyed and I shoved my foot in his face, rubbing it around and grinding the sweat and dirt into his nose. He was panting heavily and moaning each time the soul of my foot brushed across his tongue. I teased the gaping hole in his face with my toes, running them along his lips and smearing spit across his cheeks. His eyes watered as I began to force my entire foot into his mouth, me laughing wildly at the sound of his strangled moans.

I instructed him to unzip his pants and stroke his pathetic cock.

I leaned back in my chair, placing both feet on his face, propping my ass up so he could get a good view up my mini skirt… And I wasn’t wearing panties that day. He jerked it even harder and it only made me laugh more; the sight of him! His mouth stuffed full while he desperately touched his tiny dick through the fly of his pants.

It seemed as though this was his first bout in foot domination and he was loving it.

He started to gasp that he was going to cum and I leaned forward to slap the cock out of his hand. Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled him up and instructed him to cum on the keyboard of a nearby desk (which I am assuming is a managers.) He let out a putrid groan and made a total mess all over the papers and office supplies.

Ugh! How I love to torture pathetic losers like Robert– his humiliation brings me such joy.

I was done with him now so I decided to leave. Before walking out the door, I looked back at the display I had created. His eyes met mine searching for more instruction. My only reply was to hold up the stilettos I wanted to buy, saying “…I’m taking these” before I turned on my heel and left.


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