Wet Your Lips for Delicious Food Sex Stories!

If you love food then you will love food sex stories.  We all love to eat, don’t we?  The other night we witnessed a Super Blood Wolf Moon!  I had been wetting both my mind for an exciting, delicious view and my pallet as we would be having dinner outside while we watched the moon and the stars.  I could hardly contain myself.  We even purchased a special telescope for the occasion.

How does this story even deal with sex stories, especially food sex stories?  Well, since I had a friend who loved celestial events, I invited him over to see the moon.  I dressed for the night thinking the weather would be so nice.  That night I put on a pair of shorts and a bikini underneath.  Visions of my skin shining in the moonlight made my senses and pussy tingle.  There is something about a full moon that makes me feel hungry for more than food.

Javier came over at 9:00.  He looked as handsome as I remembered him.  We went to high school together.  I had a huge crush or lust I should say on him for years but never did anything about it.  I often regretted that decision.  Javier was tall, with curly black hair, thick lashes, broad shoulders, and bulging muscles.  Obviously, time in the gym has treated him well.  Javier was definitely a handsome catch and would have made an awesome fuck.

We had a great dinner.  Javier fed me some food.  As I mentioned my husband is a notorious cuckold.  He often got off that bigger men would pay me a visit.  Tony realized early on that it would take more than him to satisfy my cravings and as long as we stayed married, that’s what he cared about.

The night was certainly going to be tasty. 

Javier fucked my mouth with a hot dog giving prelude of hotter things to cum.  My mouth wrapped around the hot dog tasting and sucking and nibbling the head of the delicious meat.  Again, that oh-so-familiar tingle reminded me of my urges.

It was almost time for the Super Blood Wolf Moon.  My husband used the telescope and phone to take pictures of the moon.  It was starting to get chilly but Javier’s mouth kissing my neck warmed me up inside.  He removed my bikini top and laid me on the chaise lounge.  He put some berries from the strawberry pie I had made for dessert and started to lick them off my tits.  My tits burned as he took them into his mouth one at a time and suckled and nibbled.  My loins burned for licking too.  Everywhere Javier put berries or whipped cream, his tongue was licking the exposed flesh.

In the corner, I could see my husband’s dick stiffen.  Tony was rubbing his dick through his pants.  My bottoms were removed and Javier didn’t need any cream to enjoy his dessert.  I screamed at the moon as my body shook for his tongue.  I wanted this man, right here, right now!

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