Your food fetish addiction is so tasty!

I want to try something new. I’ve never played with your food fetish addiction. And I think that’s just unacceptable. Sure, I’m no BBW, but with the amount of exercise I get, don’t you want to see how much food I can put away? I’ve always been a binge eater and I’ve always been slim, so getting you off as I power through something big and sweet sounds like so much fun! You should call for some fetish phone sex and be the first person I get off while I eat! God, my pussy’s already getting wet at the thought!

Not everyone who has a food fetish addiction is into listening to me eat though, but I’ve got just the thing for you. Tell me your favorite dish, and I’ll describe every last detail of how delicious and tempting it is. Listen as I decadently tell you every ingredient and action needed to make it, or how mouthwatering I find it. You’ll never look at your favorite food the same way again!

No matter what you enjoy, we’ll find a way to bring it to life in a way that leaves you asking for seconds!

Sometimes I imagine being chained to my seat and forced-fed like poor little Gretal. There’s always someone big and bad to gobble me right up once I’ve plumped up in my fantasy. It turns me on to view myself as helpless while simultaneously wanting to be in my predicament.

I think that bitch witch put a spell on me! My pussy won’t stop dripping, but I’ll explode if I take one more bite! It gets my pussy so wet! I just want to eat and eat and eat until I explode for you. And I want to hear you salivating over how scrumptious the whole situation is, and I just know with your encouragement I can take one more bite!

I can picture it now. I’d be sitting up in bed with a plate full of ribs, naked, while you urge me on and stroke that tasty cock of yours. Every food is a finger food when we’re together. Don’t you want to imagine me dripping sweet, sticky BBQ sauce down my chin onto my tits and listen as I moan over how delectable they are? There’s a chance I may even lick myself clean.

Perhaps it’s you that needs to eat to satiate your food fetish addiction…

Be sure to bring your favorite binge snack and I promise to be the perfect little cheerleader for you! We can hop on Skype and I’ll even watch as you stuff your face, always sure to remind you how sexy it is to watch a man lose himself in his food fetish addiction. You’ll lose your mind when I start getting off to the sound or sight of you gorging yourself. My sighs will drive you wild and push you further. There’s no limit to the amount of hedonism we can enjoy! We can even make a competition out of it.

Catch me on Skype or shoot me an email letting me know your request. I’ll respond and let you know when I can get to the store, and we’ll schedule a time for our contest. Safety is a priority on this one though. I’m a huge advocate for safe, sane, and consensual when there’s an edge of realness to our fantasies. We’ll feed our addiction, but still leave room for dessert. When your addiction is satiated, we’ll switch gears and add a little dirty talk porn to send you off completely satisfied.

Let’s be honest. We’re both full-blown fetish freaks, dying for the unique flavor of overindulgence. There’s an edge that we look over every time we play and though we have no intention of throwing ourselves over it, we get off at the idea of taking the leap. It would just be a food addiction instead of a food fetish addiction if we weren’t here to get wet and wild with it!

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