How can a fall feel this good?


My landlord kicked me out, my car broke down, and now I’m staying at my friend’s house. Right now, I’m staring in between my thighs straight through the floor. The only thing that sounds good is hopping in the shower and rubbing my dildo on my clit til the foam suds squirt out. Once I’m in there, my roommate’s friend walks into the shower and swoops the dildo from me. Then, proceeds to fuck me, but the whole time I think to myself “Isn’t he gay?” Then pass out when his cock makes it up my ass!

Me and my friend Kylie had strict rules about not ever living with one another because everyone says that hardly anyone ever remains friends afterward. Either way, she refuses to see me down and out, so now I’m here, and I feel so uncomfortable! At this moment I just want foam suds squirting out of my pussy. I’m really trying to make myself at home, but it’s so hard. Kylie loves the matte clean Kim K look, so her house looks super basic as if robots decorated it. So, I get bored quickly. I try to sit around and watch TV, or just hang out but I physically can’t.

My foam suds squirting on my slit get swept by his tongue!

Therefore, most of the time I simply hide in my room. I’m finally polishing up my nails. At this point, I just want to wash the day off and feel the steam sink into my skin. However, the point of no return was about to occur. I pressed my hands against the shower walls and turned my gaze towards the shower tornado forming near my toes. The tears from my eyes were about to fall before Kyle, no, Roger, no, oh my god it’s Jackson! “What are you doing?!” My face exhibited the look of a pissed-off feminist, standing guard over my hoo-hah, but that demeanor soon vanished.

Wow, I feel his tongue slipping through my pussy slit, I can’t back down now. He’s naked from head to toe, his tongue feels so good I’m afraid I might gulp on my breath. I have foam suds squirting from my saliva… I’m yearning for his cock inside of me. After a while, I become pushy, he’s starving for my pussy juice, and he won’t remove it from his mouth. After begging and pushing him away, I searched for his cock. Once I felt it against my hands I snaked it into my cunt.

Foam suds squirting out my pussy slide down his hefty shaft.

Unfortunately, the whole time I’m fucking him, the thought “Isn’t he gay?” won’t leave my mind! I could have sworn he was…. oh, that feels out-of-this-world! How can a cock make me feel this fucking amazing?! But, fuck! What is Kylie going to think?! “We can’t let Kylie know, okay?!” Is Jackson even listening… He’s lost in my pussy and I’m lost in his cock! Over and over again, I shout… “Breed me, breed me, Jackson, please, fucking breed me!” Happily, he fills my cunt like an empty gas tank.

Once we snap out of it, we realize we can’t see anything around us. We make circles with our hands against the steamy glass walls. The foam suds squirting from my pussy began to wash to the floor. Obviously, I had to ask… “Uhm, Jackson… Aren’t you gay?” He didn’t need words, his smirk said it all. I knew it! I was so certain he had fucked my kinky gay bestie. Now I know why he wouldn’t shut up about his cock for so long, it’s magically fucking delicious!!

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