An old friend is calling me this week. He has a Florida beach photoshoot, I have a ton on my plate. However, it is a great opportunity to get away and I am saying yes! He is also an agent that has represented me before.

Nowadays, I don’t need those services but we are awesome friends for life. Of course, when this gig showed up, he was sure I was the girl for it. And, he is right!

I am the perfect girl to fill the part. It is a photoshoot with me and a few sexy BBC. It will have a dom/sub feel to it as well. Three tall, dark and handsome black guys with little ole’ submissive me.

We are doing the Florida beach photoshoot on a private beach down in the Keys.

So, we can get to be as wild as we want during the shoot. The photographer is known for his “extreme” shoots. He is a master at his craft and I am so ready to see what we can do.

Of course, getting to play with three sexy well-hung black guys is super hot. Brady, my friend helping arrange everything, says the guys are super happy to be working with me as well!

Our Florida beach photo shoot is going to be outstanding! Just thinking about it is getting me wet and tingly inside. I am so excited to see how far we can take things on set.

And, because we are on a private beach, the sky is the limit.

Brady knows me well. He knows I am a fan of group fun and that a hot stud gangbang is a pussy pleaser for me. Then, when those studs have huge black dicks it is a win-win for me.

In fact, it will be a total cum fest for all of us. And, the camera will get tons of cum shots all over my sexy barely legal body during the Florida beach photoshoot.

Just imagine all that gooey, stringy cum draped all over my tight young body! I am flying down this evening for the shoot. Brady is picking me up at the airport and then we are driving down to the Keys.

Tonight all of us are hanging out and getting to know each other before our Florida beach photoshoot.

It will make our time in front of the camera feel more real. We have dinner and go to a cute little bar for drinks and dancing. It isn’t long before the alcohol is kicking in and we are getting touchy.

Of course, it is time to move our fun back to our host’s house. There, we start undressing immediately. And, since it isn’t the shoot everyone can play together.

In fact, I and another girl are the centerpieces for their attention tonight. She is an assistant to the photographer and super sexy. We start making out and move the floor.

All the guys are jerking off around us and enjoying the show.

Those BBC’s are packing huge cocks. My new female friend and I start jerking them off as well as the other guys. In no time, they are shooting loads of cum all over us!

Of course, we only play for a bit longer as we have the Florida beach photoshoot in the morning. I can’t wait to see how insane it goes!

Now, if you want to hear how it went and all those dirty details call me for some hot fetish phone sex!