Flogger weapon of pain and pleasure!

Flogger time my little slut you tell me. I gasp as your hand gently touches my back, sliding against my skin so slowly, so gently. I suddenly become very aware of how wet I am between my legs, wondering what you will say when or if you realize. Your hand continues to caress me, rubbing my thighs now, warming my skin nicely. I feel you drape the tails of the flogger against my back, gliding them over me. “How does it feel presenting yourself to me like this, offering your behind to my hand, to this?”

You swing the flogger against my behind, a little harder this time, but not enough to leave a sting. My head is resting on my folded arms. I turn it to the side and attempt to speak but no words come out of my mouth, just an unrecognizable noise which is muffled by the gag.

You lift your arm and move down again on my behind, my body jumps the second the flogger hits my skin. I think to myself that my reaction should be to touch the stinging skin, to protect myself, but I don’t, something doesn’t allow me to, probably the part of me that has needed this for so long. A moment later I feel the same sensation again but this time significantly harder. I cry out, quickly wondering if it is a cry of pleasure or of discomfort, straight away deciding it is both, and both feel so good.

“I can’t hear you, I said how does it feel?”

You lean forward and stroke my face so tenderly, smiling down at me warmly. Before I even sense it coming you hit me again with the flogger. You stand back and look at my cheeks, your hands grasp them, squeezing hard, then rubbing them firmly, “You are nicely warmed up now aren’t you?” I feel you spread my cheeks, holding me open and exposed while you look at me. I feel a deep throbbing inside as I sense you have seen how wet I am. Wonder if my thighs are damp from my arousal also.

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