The music was blaring nice and loud! I was so excited to finally be leaving work for the weekend. I had every intention of drinking a little too much and having a blast. So I was going home to put something sexy on and then get my girls over so that we could enjoy our evening.
I was sitting at a red light dancing to my music when I realized what a gorgeous day it was out. So I rolled all my windows down and turned the tunes up some more. I looked over and saw an older man staring at me. Then I smiled at him as I continued to dance and sing. The light went green so I accelerated on and didn’t look back.

When I got to the next red light I saw the same man next to me watching me sing and dance. For some reason, I was feeling wild. I wanted to give this handsome fellow something he’d remember for a long time. I unclipped my seat belt, turned towards him, and lifted my shirt; bra and all. His jaw hit the floor as he gazed at my yummy mounds.

I quickly jiggled to the music waiting for the light to click the green. As soon as it did I sped off and quickly drove home. My heart was racing as I thought about how fun that had been. I turned around to walk into the house when I saw him standing there waiting!

What the fuck was happening? How’d he find me? I put two and two together and figured he’d followed me home. Without saying a word I walked him into my house and locked the door. Slowly I began to peel my clothing off. He did the same thing. When we were both in the birthday suits we approached each other.

He slammed me against the wall and ravished my mouth with his. I threw my legs up and around him feeling his hard cock pressing against me. I ground my hips on him until his hard rod was pointing right into my pussy. We fucked like wild rabbits until we both came with loud screams.
Without saying any words we both dressed and hugged goodbye. He walked out of the door and I stood there in a daze of cum and ecstasy. I never saw that man again, but I sure was sore for weeks from his massive cock!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke