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I often run around my neighborhood since it’s pretty quiet. Before I do, I always stretch and I noticed that my next door neighbor is always somehow there. He is much older and lives with his wife. One morning After the run and my second round of stretching I invited him over to my place with the excuse I needed him for something. Without a doubt, he fell for it and when I had him inside my apartment, I took off my top and my leggings. I wanted him to see what he was going to eat.

With my ass up in the air and my back arched I sucked his cock.

He soon wanted to fuck, but really, with a tight teen body like mine, who wouldn’t be ready. I straddled him, I spread my legs wide open, a complete split on his cock. That big cock felt so good deep inside me. He grabbed me by my waist and fucked me. Once he knew I was all that flexible I whispered in his ear he could do anything he wanted to me. Oh, and he did. Pushing my legs all the way behind my head, and my favorite, fucking me from behind as I was again in a complete split.

When he came I begged for him to fill me up. Now every time I go for a quick run, my neighbor ends up deep inside.

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