I have been playing with some of you fellas for a while now – and i just wanted to take this opportunity – not to blog about one specific call or client – but to let you know that I appreciate all of you.  Most of you know – I have a niche – I am your sexy milf and mommy who gives you what you have always craved, but have always feared to ask.  It doesn’t bother me if you are married, straight, bi, fat, thin, fit, black or white.  I am the older woman that you crave to spend time with.  And I crave to spend time with you.  Each and every call is moments of time that are one on one – sometimes two on one if you crave a little sister or slutty friend to join us, and each and every call is memorable in it’s own way!

In case you haven’t played with me, you should know, I am quite the whore for big black cock, when it is available, and my sweet, yet *small* hubby, provides me with that pleasure in my every day world, which is why I am not around too much at night.  For those of you into that kink, you know, and I mean…you know what that means to my hubby and our ability to have such a flexible marriage.

So for all of my naughty boys – you know mommy loves you bunches!

For my young cougar hunting studs, you know mommy rocks those cocks!

And for everyone else – the flavor on mommy’s lips tonight – is your cock!