I want your fist.

I’m not a masochist and I realize it isn’t something we’ve done before but, I want you to push my limits with your fist.  I trust you to be cautious, patient, and attentive to my reactions (good and bad.)  This is going to take some time so I hope you’re not in a hurry.

My pussy will easily accept three of your fingers.  Once you slide the third inside me, I squeeze more lube on my already well-lubricated cunt.  As you work your three fingers in and out of my hole, my g-spot begins to flood your hand.  I begin to rub my clit vigorously and cum again around your fingers.

You pause briefly and, as you again begin to twist and churn your fingers, you slowly add another finger inside me.  I tell you I feel an uncomfortable, slight burning sensation and you add more lube.  As my hole adjusts, the discomfort fades and my g-spot again floods your hand as your fingers continue their probing.

Again, you add more lube and press on until your palm is inside me.  You pause to let me adjust and, when I hear your words of encouragement, I instinctively relax.  Slowly and gently, you begin to move your hand, stretching me for what comes next.

You remind me to keep breathing and, after tucking your thumb into the palm of your hand, you slowly and firmly push in.  As you progress, you fold your fingers into the shape of a fist.

When I feel the widest part of your hand my body again becomes tense.  I feel your tongue flicking my clit and (as your mouth closes around my still-sensitive nub) I explode once again.  My orgasm is so intense, my body relaxes and your fist slides inside.

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