I got to used a client as a fist puppet last week and it was hot!

 For some, the idea of ‘fisting‘ is too extreme, but one caller took it to a whole new level! When he first told me he wanted a cuckold call, I wasn’t expecting the twist he gave me.  There was a LOT of foreplay, which always makes me wet!  Then he re-focused our attention on anal stretching on him!  At first, I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I was up for anything.  But, as I began using the strap on my excitement grew!

He offered his ass up with such abandon and was so willing, I nearly came right then!  But when he started begging me to stretch him out, even more, my clit throbbed and ached for more!  I had started off sucking his cock, deeply as I pushed my finger inside him.  His reaction to that tender gland within being rubbed was amazing!  Then, I slipped another finger inside, then another.  He grew another inch, as I pushed the strap-on into his tight, willing ass!

Later, as he begged for a big black cock, a ‘friend’ joined us and began pumping him, violently! Eventually, it was a huge BBC and my strap-on in his ass, and I came hard!  I kept fingering my pussy as he pleaded for more penetration!  So, slowly I began to use all my fingers, and ultimately my fist was in his ass, drilling him!  The way he writhed and twitched in my hand reminded me of a hand puppet!  “You make an excellent fist puppet”, I told him as he moaned helplessly.  And I began pinching my clit as if milking it when he suddenly asked for both fists!

I cried out as I came again and pushed my other hand inside him, piston-punching his rectum with both fists!  I love my little anal slut! Can’t wait till he calls again!

Are You Brave Enough To Be My “Puppet”, too?

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