Fist Fucked for the Very First Time

Bet when you asked for a hand, getting fist fucked wasn’t what you had in mind, huh?  But having that one finger sliding in and out of that tight little ass of yours wasn’t enough, was it?  You wanted more, and more is what you got!  With each additional finger, you cried out like a little girl, claiming it was too much.

But those “O” muscles relaxed and stretched, readying themselves for more. Little by little I added another finger, and then another. Seemed like it took forever, but finally, you found (and felt) I had all five fingers wriggling with your bowels.  You didn’t think that brown star of yours could stretch so much.  You were sure it was filled to capacity – hahahahaha!

Oh no, not yet, as you were to soon find out.  I promised myself you were going to get fist fucked that night, and I was bound and determined to have my fist deep inside your tight fuck hole. My hand pressed forward, demanding entry into that shit hole of yours.  You cried out in pain, begging for the onslaught to stop – that you were being split in two.

Your pleas were only met with a soft chuckle as the incursion continued with renewed purpose and vigor. 

And then it happened – my entire hand had disappeared inside that tight little ass of yours, clear up to the wrist.  As you desperately tried to acclimate to such intense sensations, you heard my voice cooed softly, telling you to relax, lie back, and enjoy the ride.  My fist slowly made its way inward, then out.  Feeling the walls of your ass relax, I picked up its pace.  A surreal thought filled your mind – you are having your ass fist fucked!  And moreover, you liked it, even craved it!

Your prostate was experiencing a sensation you had never thought possible.  You found your hips moving back and forth to meet each and every thrust.  Between the moans and groans, you heard yourself actually cry out for more – beg for more!

You felt your scrotum tighten as it filled with cum.  Until finally the invasion was more than you could take.  Your swollen organ exploded as your body convulsed uncontrollably.  Your spasms went on for what seemed like an eternity.  It was the most intense experience you have ever had – and all without having that cock of yours touch by a single finger!


So tell me, babe,

           Need a Hand? (hehehe)

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