I’ve always heard anal is the worst. The first time hurts so bad it makes you hate it forever.

I have to admit when I was seventeen it kinda scared me when my boyfriend asked for it.

It didn’t seem fun. Then one night when we were in the backseat of his car, my panties around my ankles.

He suggested we try it. He was fingering me and grinding his hard-on into my thigh as he whispered his request into my ear. I was so wet and ready I eagerly agreed to fuck him any way he wanted to.

I unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock. I spit on my fingers and worked it down his shaft, making sure he was good and lubed up.

He worked his head into my slit rubbing it up and down until I was moaning and begging for more. He worked down lower until he reached my perfect tight asshole. He started rubbing his head over it in circles. It made me feel like I was going to cum immediately.

I never felt anything like it. He asked if I was ready and slowly worked his way in. I felt a wave of pleasure go through my body. I begged him for more and before I knew it I was rocking my hips into him making sure he filled me up completely. I started rubbing my clit in rhythm with our motion, until I felt my orgasm wash over me.

It was the most amazing sex I had ever had.  It wasn’t painful at all. Ever since that day anal has been one of my favorite things. What was your favorite sexual experience? Call me and tell me all about your first time with it.