I am sure it isn’t always true, but most of the time, it is. And, my first time with BBC was the proof in the pudding for me. Holy shit, he was fucking huge. Not only that, his skills were outstanding.

Being barely legal at the time, I was naïve, and my inexperience was evident. Lucky for me, he is a patient guy. Of course, now, when we play together, I am way better than before and can rock his world.

Additionally, my time at school is giving me way more than book learning. After him and my Kinky College Dorm Sex, I am getting one hell of an education. I was only eighteen when he and I were playing.

A perfect age for my first time with the BBC.

When I met Wally, we started as friends. He is funny, smart, and super sexy. As we are spending time together, things begin to change between us. Sparks between us are flying, and soon, we kiss.

The kiss is electric, sending tingles through my entire body. My tight teen pussy is wet immediately. As we continue, we start exploring each other’s bodies. Of course, being so naive, I stop us.

At this time, it isn’t my style to hop into bed with someone. Our fun ends with a little bit of interaction for now. However, in a few days, there are no stopping things and my first time with BBC is a go.

We are hanging out and know this is our night to take it all the way.

His place is nice. I was expecting it to be cool, and it is. As we are sitting and talking, he is rubbing my arm with his fingers. It is sending those tingles through my entire body again, and my pussy is getting super wet.

As he is exploring my skin, he is moving further down to my legs. Oh, that is so good. And then the clothes start coming off. His body is perfectly chiseled and absolutely magnificent.

Of course, when his cock is out, I am extremely nervous about moving forward. It is huge, and how is it going to fit inside me? He can tell I am panicking about my first time with BBC and slows down.

Then, I know I am doing this, no fear!

I lean in and kiss him deeply. With that, he knows this is happening. We are doing this, and there is no going back. His huge cock is throbbing as I wrap my small hand around it. And I want it in my mouth.

We do a “69” for a while, and he is even amazing at that. Then, he tells me it is time. He is ready to be inside me. Laying me back, he gently spreads my legs as he is positioning between them.

I feel the head pressing against my pussy as he is starting to enter me. Oh, my, God, that is tight as he is pushing to go further. Finally, he starts pushing even harder to get inside me and my first time with BBC is official.

That was just the start of our evening. So much more happened. Of course, to hear the details, you have to call me. I promise you will love my amazing Fetish Phone Sex!

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