Toes Sucked On for the First Time

He’d begged me for months to suck my toes. I’d never had it done before and honestly it made me a bit nervous. I promised I’d allow him to suck on one toe tonight after he got home from work. I spent the day at the nail salon getting my toes pretty and ready for his mouth. Just the thought was turning me on. I was surprised by that.

Later that night he came home to find me lying on the bed in a cute lingerie set. I had my toes out and ready for him. I told him he could do whatever he wanted to them. I propped myself up so I could watch him as he started to touch my feet.

He began by giving me a massage before licking my big toe. He watched me to see how I was reacting. I gave him the approving nod to continue. That’s when he took my entire big toe into his mouth and sucked hard. I dropped my head back and let out a low moan as the pleasure traveled up my body and into my stomach. I had butterflies like you wouldn’t believe.

I felt my pussy tighten as he moved on to my other toes. I was beginning to rock my hips now that I was getting into it. My head was dropped back when I felt his cock slip between my feet. I was surprised to feel his warm, hard erection. That’s when he let out a groan of pleasure. He pumped back and forth a few times before climbing on the bed and fucking me.

When he pressed inside of me I nearly came, but then he stopped. He held himself all the way in as he pulled my foot to his mouth. He began sucking my toes again while slowly pumping in and out of my pussy. With each suck I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge. He speed up some knowing how close I was! We both erupted at the same time, my toe in his mouth and my hands digging into the bed.

We laid there after in such a daze from being fucked so good. My legs were shaking from all the pleasure that came from that moment!

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