Hardcore Sex Leads To My Very First Time Squirting

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about two weeks ago. Exactly two weeks ago I had the best sex ever, period. It was a Saturday when my brother got home for his college break. There was no one home so I gave him a welcome he will always remember. One thing led to another and my first time squirting just happened. I want to tell you all the juicy details, pun intended.

My brother barged into my room since there wasn’t anyone. When he did, he found me in some lingerie I was trying on for a date that night. He and I had had our fair share of brother sister incest sex, but this time it was different. We had not seen each other in about four months and the reunion was just as I expected it to be. My brother asked if there was anyone home and when I answered no, he came from behind me and pressed his crotch up against my ass. I felt him get hard instantly.

Instead of sweet nothings, he was whispering all the dirty thoughts he had about me while he was away.

He ripped the tiny red thong off me and pulled his thick veiny cock through the zipper of his pants. Rubbing the tip of his precum covered head right on my cunt made me so hot. Then he just rammed it in. All the way. Still whispering how no other college girl pussy could be as tight as his sisters. While his dick was still in me he pulled me back and he sat on my bed. I was on top of him, his cock balls deep inside me when I felt something different. It must have been the angle or perhaps how much I had missed him but I felt my pussy dripping straight onto his balls.

My first time squirting was so close and I didn’t even know it.

I ended up cumming once, and then twice. My cunt was so creamy like it has never been before and my brother wasn’t stopping. He held me by my waist, his big hands around me while he bounced me onto his meat stick. I thought I couldn’t cum again, in fact, the only time I had come more than twice in that short of time was when an ex of mine and I has some roleplay phone sex. My brother knew exactly what he was doing and this time, a gush of squirt made his big cock slip out of me. I tensed up, my eyes rolled back and while still squirting, my brother slapped my cunt with his dick. Who knew that would be my first time squirting.

He and I have been fucking every single time we can since he has been home. And now, our parents are wondering why I have to wash my sheets every morning.

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