The Brother Sister Sex Story You’d Love To Read!

I used to love the feel of my brother bouncing on top of me when we would play. I never realized just how much I enjoyed his hard pounding until mom and dad bought us our first trampoline and it became a brother sister sex story! We used to laugh and joke when we would crash into each other. He would pin me to the mat and I would buck him off and we would both bounce. When we would play like that I would feel his hard dick pressing against me. Sometimes I would straddle him and bounce feeling it pushing against my pussy through our jeans. I would see his eyes closed and feel his deep low moan.

Eventually, we finally verbalized to each other how badly we needed skin contact. We did not know what we were doing but my brother told me to take my panties off one night as he led me outside to the trampoline. He was only wearing his boxers. He boosted me up and jumped onto it himself. Then he told me I would have to be careful not to make to much noise or we would wake up our parents. I giggled and whispered that I understood. I really did not know what he was really wanting. So I just knew it was going to be so much fun!

He took my hands and we bounced up and down laughing quietly!

We fell him on top of me and my legs spread open. My gown had come open and with no panties on my pussy was open wide for him. He reached between us and I felt him pulling his dick out. Suddenly he had a very serious look on his face. He placed his hand over my mouth and I could feel him poking at me with his dick! He finally found my opening. I was suddenly scared. I shook my head and tried to pull away. He held me tighter. His hand over my mouth squeezed as I tried to scream. His body was pushing me very hard into the trampoline. I could not gain any traction to slide his body off me. He kept thrusting at my sensitive pussy.

Suddenly, I felt him enter and it was not too bad. He stopped soon as the head gained entrance. He laid very very still. Then after a few breaths, he shoved hard. The pain was excruciating. He tore me, and I could feel the burning as blood ran out of me. His breathing was labored he gave me but just a few minutes to let the pain soar through me then he began his assault. He only pushed hard about 5 more times before suddenly he was shaking, and I could feel hot liquid filling me and running out and down my bottom. He collapsed hard on top of me pressing me firmly into the wonderful trampoline that I loved so much!

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