First Time Sex: Since he didn’t love her and so wasn’t interested in pleasing her, there was no point in any foreplay. All he wanted to do was ram his cock inside some girl and fuck her senseless.

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Did you miss the start of my student teacher phone sex stories? Just click on the bold text! When we ended last time, Professor Ben Wilson was “tutoring” Angel in sexual anatomy.

As her teacher directed, Angel took a deep breath and reclined on the plush Oriental rug. Slim legs bent at the knee and spread as wide as she could open them, Angel looked up at him expectantly. Ben moved forward in order to “examine” her untouched, virgin hole more closely.

Very pink, soft, and juicy, Angel’s young, virgin pussy practically begged him to plunder it.

Experimentally, he pushed his rigid cock up against her tiny slit. Mmm yes, it would be quite the cramped fit. Nudging the dewy, young pussy lips apart with his throbbing cockhead, he nearly exploded right there. He hesitated briefly, momentarily slowed down by his conscience since this was her first time sex experience. Nevertheless, the intense need to fuck Angel overtook any qualms he might’ve had.

Groaning, he thrust forward as far as he could go in that first surge. Far too thick for her virgin fuckhole, he only got a couple of inches of his shaft inside. Although her pussy lubricated slightly, she was extremely tight and tense. Shocked, she gasped in pain as she started to writhe a little. She felt impaled, stuck on the spear of Dr. Wilson’s penis.

However, Ben hadn’t truly started yet. Pausing for a few moments, he waited for her sex to adjust to having his rock hard fuckstick stretching her open. Angel squirmed from the discomfort and an unsettling sensation that she was too young to identify, much less understand. Despite that, she realized what he was doing to her.

First time sex story: Since it was happening anyway, she figured she might as well try to enjoy it.

Ben didn’t want to hurt her too much or make her bleed. Otherwise, there would be much more chance of her complaining and of him being discovered. So he waited, making himself to go slowly. Then, he forced her first-time, previously un-fucked pussy to take his entire cock at once.

As he thrust deeply in and out, Angel began arching against him as her nubile body twisted. The more she squirmed, the more pleasure Ben got. Nudging out a little way, then ramming manically back in, he pounded and stretched her tiny cunt. He kept it up for a surprisingly long time. Then, just before he came, he slowed down thrusting, ramming, spearing her with his shaft, and asked her how she felt.

“I feel … full,” Angel said, her tender breasts bouncing as her teacher pounded her.

“This is where I ejaculate my semen inside you,” Dr. Wilson grunted, panting.

Angel’s blue eyes widened in curiosity as she asked, “You’re going to impregnate me, Professor Wilson?”

Just at that moment, he made a final push into her sweet, tight pussy as his balls exploded in ecstasy. Flooding her inner vaginal passage with his potent baby-making seed, Ben came in long, hard spurts. He remained buried inside her as his cock finished spasming.

Finally, he pulled out, relieved to finally have gotten a proper fuck. He’d released a huge load and felt emptied. Although she had not cum herself, he didn’t care.

Regardless, it was only HIS pleasure that mattered. After all, she was just a receptacle for his enjoyment.

Moreover, if she got pregnant, it didn’t matter. After all, people would simply believe it was some boy at school. Indeed, everyone would assume she’d been too stupid to use protection or even recall who she’d fucked. No one would ever suspect that her friendly sex education instructor had taken advantage of her.

Especially since she said predictably to him, “Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me properly, Dr. Wilson.” As she dressed, he observed that his semen dripped copiously from her inflamed, now de-virginized slit.

“I just hope you learned something,” Ben said. “I think you need some more practice, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes,” Angel agreed. “When can I come back, Professor Wilson?”

He instructed her to return tomorrow for further “tutoring.” Angel picked up her stuff and left, flashing him an innocent smile. Ben was very happy and proud of himself. Thinking about it, he realized he had many friends who would really appreciate this set up he had.

He knew that any one of them could have her anytime, and she would just obey when he told her to “Get down and spread those legs, Angel.” And she would believe him, that it was all for the benefit of her sex therapy class grade.

Ben smiled as he considered all the parties he’d have with Angel as the star “entertainment.” It was a brilliant system, really a piece of genius. He could hardly wait to get started!

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