First Time Sex Story: My First Stripping Experience

There is a first time sex story for a horny slut like me with just about everything. I Can’t fucking help it, I just love to party. For some reason whatever party I am at, I always find myself at the center of the entertainment. It really is just in my nature to be totally open and outgoing. To be the center of attention for everybody. I mean, it does kind of have a certain ring to it. Although when you look as sexy as I do, you never have a problem being the attention. However, it was never for compensation, just raw sexual fun. That was until I had to sub for a friend of mine for a bachelor party. She was a hot stripper, and really good at her job.

First Time Sex Story: My First Stripping Experience!

She had to entertain for a bachelor party and they were going to be getting a little bit extra if you know what I mean. So, after her partner backed out she asks me in a bind if I could go. I didn’t know much about stripping then, but I agreed. I was also well not supposed to be stripping then, but she said no one would be asking for my ID. And they didn’t, so I played. At first, it started with the guys bugging me to take it all off. My cousin’s bra straps slid off my thin frame shoulders, and down my chest. My hard erect nipples stood at attention for him to stare at.

“…he was sure my pussy was way better than hers would ever be.”

As I began giving a nice lap dance to the groom he pulled me close to him and began kissing on my neck. I ground myself all over the front of his stiff hard package, and it was hard. He asked if I wanted to go have some special fun with him, which I definitely did. And he fucked me. He said it was a shame that he was getting married tomorrow because he was sure my pussy was way better than hers would ever be. It’s sad really a man throwing away his boner just to be dedicated to one soggy wet muff. But, I was nice enough to leave him my number. That way he’s free to call me and have a fling, knowing I never want to be more than a well-paid side chick.

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