I love popping cherries and I also love a good First Time Sex Story.

I knew Brian was a virgin and this was going to be a First Time Sex Story as soon as we started kissing.

 He was so nervous and clumsy as he tried to help me take my clothes off. His face turned bright red when he accidentally touched my tit. Lol, as if he wasn’t about to be touching a lot more.
I thought he was just nervous at first because he was like 20. Who the hell’s a virgin at that age? It didn’t get any better This was going to be one of the best sex stories ever.
 I pulled him down on top of me his hard dick touched my thigh and he blushed and said “Sorry.”
 He lifted his ass up so he wasn’t so close to me and I asked him what was wrong, didn’t he want to do this? Didn’t he like me? I pouted and batted my eyelashes as he swallowed hard and looked freaked out. He mumbled about how he just trying to make it good and that he liked me a lot.

 I told him to show me how much he liked me and threw my legs open.

My fingers parted my pussy lips so he could see how wet I was. He stared at it like he wasn’t sure what he should do next.

 I said “Come on, don’t you know what to do? Are you a virgin?” His face turned bright red and he let out a quiet “No.”  He got on top of me and tried to shove his dick in me.

 It just jabbed at me and I tried not to laugh because I know he wanted this to be a night to remember. He wanted a sexy First Time Sex Story. “Let’s take it slow,” I told him and began touching myself with one hand, my fingers rubbing my lips then dipping inside.

 I spread my juices around as I got more turned on and used my other hand to play with his dick. I ran my fingers up and down it then rubbed around his head as he leaked pre-cum. He thrust forward but I just kept touching him, making him want me until he was going crazy.

 I stopped after a few minutes and took his hand, showing him how to finger me like a pro. He picked it up quickly and my juices were dripping down his fingers by the time I was ready to fuck. I moved his hand away, shifted into a better position and wrapped my hand around his dick.

 He was rock hard as I guided him into me and he looked down, watching as he pushed inside my pussy. I moaned and gasped, telling him how big he was as the last inch went in. I held his arm as he started fucking me quickly. 

He had no rhythm at all, he was like a flopping fish and it was hard to stay horny. I did his future girlfriends a favor by whispering sexily and talking him through it, slowing him down and showing him how to fuck me long and slow. 

Rocking under him,  I set the pace as he tried to keep control. Clenching my pussy muscles around him, I massaged his dick as he panted and said he was about to cum.

I rolled my hips up as I told him I wanted it, fill me with his cum, please. He went faster, his dick ramming into me until he shuddered, letting out a loud groan as he lost it.

 He got off me and cum dripped out of me as he lay there blissed out. Not bad for a first-timer, maybe next time I’ll teach him that the lady’s supposed to cum first though.

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