First Time Sex Story – I Met Someone Online

There’s a first time sex story for everything and this one is pretty hot. I was on this fetish dating site because I wanted to do something kinky. There was this Dom I started talking to that I was having cyber phone sex with and we had so many kinks in common.

That’s when I knew we needed to meet in person so that we could do it all for real. So, we arranged a meeting at a local coffee shop. When I read his message my pussy got wet because of how excited I was to finally meet him in person. I couldn’t wait to see what he really looked like.

You’re excited to meet this girl you found on Match.

The two of you have been talking for a while before you decided to meet up in person. Things were going very well and you thought you might have a real chance with her. So, when she said yes to meeting you at a local coffee shop, you wanted to look your best.

When you get there it’s not too crowded. It was easy to spot the lone girl sitting close to the door. She was incredibly beautiful and your heart skipped a beat when she looked over at you.

You walked over to her and she smiled sweetly at you. “Are you meeting someone here?”

The girl nodded and you couldn’t believe your luck. Sweet and beautiful? The two of you talked over coffee a little bit about mundane things because you wanted to keep the conversation light. Afterward, you took her for a stroll on the pier.

I couldn’t believe how nice he was.

It was so weird to talk to this Dom so casually after all the kinky things we’ve discussed. I never thought someone so kinky could be so nice. He was everything I wanted. Sweet, charming, funny, and kinky. I hit the jackpot!

While we were on the pier, I leaned against him and said, “I have everything set up the way you wanted. I can’t wait to see what kinky things you have planned for me.”

He turned to me with this dumbfounded look on his face. I blinked, trying to read him.

“Kinky things?” He demanded. My mouth fell open because it would seem he wasn’t the guy I was looking for.

Wait! There’s more to this fetish phone sex story.


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