I Love A good First Time Sex Story.

Madison told me a secret. She told me she wanted a kinky First Time Sex Story.  Madison told me that she’s always wanted to have a lesbian experience but she was too shy to actually do it. I’ve had girlfriends like this before and I’ve taken a few of them to the pussy side. I wanted to do the same for her so I invited her over for some girly time.

 Wanting her to feel comfortable we had drinks first to loosen up and I got her used to me touching her by snuggling up to her. I ran my hand lightly over her arm and stroked her hair as I told her that we would take things at her pace and I just wanted to make her feel good. When she was ready we went to the bedroom and I lit some candles then helped her take her clothes off.

 She kept biting her lip and I knew she was nervous so I took my time and left her in her bra and panties so I could kiss her and run my hands over her body. Madison leaned into me and I slid my hands to the top of her panties and gently slid them down. She stepped out of them and I undid her bra then pushed her down on the bed.

 Her legs hung off the edge of it and I stood between them as I took my clothes off.

 When I was naked I crawled on top of her and kissed her as I rubbed my pussy over hers. She giggled nervously and I told her to relax as I nibbled on her neck. Sighing and putting her arm around me as she started grinding back we got into a smooth rhythm of rubbing our pussies together. We were both smooth and she felt so soft against me. My hair fell in my face and I wanted to see her so I sat up for a second so I could push it over my shoulders.

 When I moved she did too and got up on her knees. I got a good look at her body and I think her tits were my favorite part. This was a great First Time Sex Story and I couldn’t wait to have Lesbian Sex with her.

 They were bigger than mine and more full but still perky. She looked shy as she reached out to touch me and she cupped one of my tits.

Holding it gently she rubbed her thumb over my nipple. I wanted to keep touching her so we stayed on our knees facing each other and I pulled her towards me. Rubbing her hip I then made my way to her pussy.

 She parted her knees a bit more and I cupped her pussy. I rubbed my fingers back and forth a few times then slid my middle finger inside her. While I stroked her pussy she moaned. “Do it to me,” I told her and I felt her touching me down there. She did it lightly and she felt clumsy so I held her hand and showed her what to do. Madison figured it out and we stayed like that, our fingers deep in each other’s pussies. I ground my pussy down on her while I stroked her faster. She was so wet that her juices slid down my fingers and she was moaning loudly. I hooked my fingers up to work her clit and I made her cum after a minute.

It looked so hot watching her cum and I couldn’t believe how much her pussy gushed. Sliding my fingers out she tried to catch her breath as she fell back on the bed. I waited because I wanted to show her how to make me cum now.

I bet she loved her First Time Sex Story!

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