Our first time sex story had Bob so turned on!

Bob was so much more turned on than I had seen him in a very long time, but also quite hesitant. “Go ahead and touch it,” I said and gave him another gentle nudge toward the hole and what was being pushed through it. After what seemed like a very long pause, he finally said very quietly, “Oh God…” and reached down and wrapped his big fingers around his very first cock.  We both heard a happy sigh from the other side of the wall which seemed to relieve the last of his hesitation with starting our first time sex story.

I realized that I was becoming very turned on from watching this and that my pussy was starting to drip from excitement.  I put my hand inside my panties and starting fingering my clit. Bob looked up at me, then back down to the cock and although I could see that he was shaking a little, he leaned forward and ran his tongue up and down the entire length of the guy’s big cock.

It feels so different than I thought it would…Peanuts first time sex stories

He looked up at me with a very grateful look and whispered: “ it feels so different than I thought it would – smooth and velvety, but hard at the same time.” Finally, he opened his mouth and took the extremely patient man’s cock inside. “Oh God, yes sweetie – suck that big cock!”  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as hot as this first time sex story – my husband with a huge cock in his mouth!Glory hole First time sex stories

My sexy husband took that cock deeper and deeper in his mouth until I heard him start to gag a little when it hit his throat.  I stroked his hair, told him to relax, breathe and let the guy start fucking his throat. “I’m right here with you, baby while you learn to suck cock,” I told him. Soon we heard moans from the other side of the wall and I saw Bob start to swallow every bit of the cum that big cock gave him.  

This first time sex story is only the first of many adventures we will have together at the glory hole!


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