I told him I knew how much he craved cock

“Are you ready to go out and suck some cock for me, Sweetie?” I asked. “Yes, but I’m kind of scared”  he answered. “Don’t be nervous Baby,” I reassured him. I told him I knew how much he craved cock.  And that I also knew how much he didn’t want me to tell our Pastor about what he did.  But I know how much he is going to enjoy this and really if he ever wants to actually feel a cock in his mouth he’s going to need me to make this first time sex story happen.

We’re finally at the adult bookstore in the next town that I’ve heard has glory holes cut into the walls between the video booths in the back. It’s a pretty seedy part of town but the few cars in the lot are pretty nice.  We went inside, bought some video tokens from the guy at the counter and headed toward the dark back room.First time sex story glory 2

We’re only minutes away from our first time sex story!  
There were eight video booths and the lighting was very dim.  A few men were standing against the wall who seemed to be just waiting for a willing mouth in which to place their cock. I found an empty booth and pulled Bob inside and we both saw it at the same time – the glory hole cut right into the wall. I locked the door behind us, and Bob inserted a few tokens into the slot that started a porn video playing which we then proceeded to ignore. First time sex story glory 3 

In no time at all, we heard the door in the other booth open and someone stepped inside. We heard a shuffling noise and saw something appear next to us in the dim light.  I looked over, and saw an enormous bare cock sticking through the wall! He was moving it around a bit, seemingly trying to entice one of us to touch his at least 10-inch erection. I  nudged my husband and told him to kneel down on the floor close to the hole to begin this first time sex story!

Next up: Spoiler alert!  Bob touches his first cock!

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