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She would absolutely kill me if she knew I told our first-time sex story, but it’s so juicy you need to hear it!  There is nothing hotter than two young tight-bodied teens exploring each other for the first time.  I couldn’t stop with just my hands, and I knew when she brought out the “personal massager” that we were really going to have a blast.  Aren’t real sex stories the best?

At this point, we had been wandering our fingers deep inside of each other’s wet little kitties, fucking each other deeply and then lifting our fingers to taste each other.  I had something start buzzing, and I saw her with a naughty little smile lower the vibrator right down to her clit.  There was only one vibrator, so I moved to scissor her with the vibrator between us, grinding against it pressed up to her moist little slit.

I came so hard and so milky all over, moaning and grinding the rest of my orgasm out of me.  I was so hooked!  Never knew how what I’d heard about — scissoring — really worked!  I just couldn’t stop there, I was so horny and the vibrator was dripping with both of our juices.  I needed to taste it and to taste her.  Then I made her turnover with her ass up in the air and rubbed the vibrator all over her tight pink asshole, watching it drip down into her pussy.

Holding it there I came beneath her and sucked her cunt while keeping the toy all over her ass.  I almost drowned as she squirted all over my face!  I can’t wait for you to call my sex hotline for the best lesbian phone sex!  That was the best first-time sex story, but not my only one.  Get your cock nice and hard and give me a call.

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