First Time Sex Story: Waking to the girl you’ve always wanted to be, but were afraid to try!

First Time Sex Story: “OMG,” you think as you wake up in a strange resort hotel room. “How did I get here?” You look in the mirror, and the image staring back at you is this gorgeous, feminine creature you’ve never seen before. The most unmasculine scream erupts from your throat in reaction.

The last thing you remember was partying and dancing with this sexy college girl last night at a hot beachside nightclub in Riviera Maya. Someone must have roofied your drink, because otherwise, how did you end up in this unfamiliar place?

What matters is that you’re here now and you do not see your wallet or clothes anywhere. Instead, you find yourself clad in a pink, knee-length, short-sleeved summer dress. Coupled with your new garment, you realize your legs are now encased in sleek, nude pantyhose. At the same time, you’re wiggling your toes in 4-inch, pink high-heeled sandals! And even more, you realize you’re feeling quite constricted.

Looking down the cleavage of the low-cut dress, you see that somehow you’re wearing a bra. In addition, you realize that you’re trapped into what appears to be an old-fashioned girdle! Even more horrifying, how did you get breasts? Shuddering with a mixture of terror and pleasure, you wonder, “Am I dreaming? Indeed, I must be starring in my very own forced feminization free sex story!

You feel a silkiness against your cock and balls beneath the girdle and pantyhose that could only be … PANTIES?!

And what happened to the hair on your chest and legs? You feel yourself getting hard in spite of yourself.

Releasing your grip on the clothing, you look back up at your reflection in the mirror, eyes wild with shock and desperation. Oh yes, speaking of your eyes, shadow and mascara have somehow been meticulously applied.

As if that weren’t improbable enough, the rest of your face is just as perfectly made up. In addition, you’re wearing a wig of such quality that it looks like your natural hair! Moreover, you look downward to admire the rosy pink, polished blush on your toes and fingernails.

“I must be dreaming, that’s it. I’ll wake up any second, right?”

Suddenly the door opens and I walk in, grinning at you. “Tiffany, you’re awake! Great, let’s get started…”

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