First time sex story – finger banged in the back seat!

First time sex story and how I got my pussy finger banged in the back seat of my parents’ car. If you like to read teen phone sex stories then you’re in for a total blast.

One day I was going on a road trip with my parents and my boyfriend. It was cross-country so we had pillows and blankets in the back seat. We settled in with snacks and drinks. Mom and Dad sat up front. To make the trip go faster they switched places between the shotgun seat and driver’s seat. We only stopped to go to the bathroom and to go through a drive-thru.

The sun was starting to set when my boyfriend and I got comfy. We laid down and I put a pillow on the door. I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. My boyfriend didn’t even need a pillow. He just used my ass as if it were a pillow.

Next thing I knew, I could feel his hand between my legs under the blanket. I couldn’t help but smile while he fumbled clumsily with my panties. Just his soft touch over my panties was enough to make my pussy start to drip.

He finally pulled my panties over to the side and his pointer finger found its way onto my clit. I bit my lower lip to keep from making noise since both of my parents were still awake. He teased my clit so nicely, occasionally dipping a finger into my tight, dripping pussy hole.

Oh god, it felt so good!

That’s when his fingers started working faster, his middle and ring finger pumping in and out of me. I buried my face in my pillow and bit it hard. My pussy juices covered his hand as I squirt all over him.

I was afraid they’d hear what he was doing because my pussy was so wet and I could hear the slurping sounds it made. Even though I came, he kept going and even picked up his speed. Again I came for him so hard my legs were shaking.

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