First Time Sex Stories

First time sex stories are so hot! And guys are always asking about my first time fucking. So, I decided to just tell the world. Let’s sit back and relax… and let me tell you about my ex-boyfriend and his thick virgin cock.

I met Chris through a friend who lived across the street. Chris was visiting his grandpa for the winter break from Indiana and was leaving in 3 weeks. Well, he was charming, cute, and listened to great music so we got along famously. The sexual tension was ridiculous between us.

For a few days, Chris and I hung out every night – Listening to MSI, System of a Down, and Godsmack. Our first kiss took place in front of my house and I could feel his hard dick on my leg. My teen pussy was soaked when I went in and I knew that I needed to fuck him.

The next night I went to visit Chris and my friend in their housing community. We were playing pool and smoking the night away in the community clubhouse when my friend’s boyfriend showed up. We all decided to play hide and seek with only lighters as our lights and split up to hide.

I tiptoed into the ladies restroom and ran into something

I flicked my lighter to see that it was Chris and I smiled. We were hugging tight when I felt his cock getting hard, which in turn, made me absolutely wet. Our hands searched each others’ bodies and he found his way to my tits in the dark. His hands felt cold on my skin but I didn’t mind.

Chris took his sweater off and put it down on the floor for me to lie on. Shaking, I pull my jeans down and laid with my legs spread in front of him. He asked me to hold up my lighter so he could see better… his cock twitched as he stared at my naked body and he wrapped his dick in a yellow condom.

I pull him close to me, we both are shaking like leaves on a tree, and he shoves it inside of my teen pussy. I cried out “Ooo! Ow!” So he started slowly and then picked up pace as I got into the groove of it. I couldn’t believe it was happening on the bathroom floor.

We fucked for a good 20 minutes, which I found out is impressive for virgins. And I came for the first time on his cock, which was a magical moment. Chris pounded my cunny as I came and blew his virgin load into the yellow condom. Then we laid there and kissed until our friends knocked on the door.

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