First time sex stories – lesbian encounter

It’s totally time for one of my first time sex stories! Let’s just say Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” has been like my favorite song all week. I’d never thought about kissing a girl before but if you’re seriously into lesbian phone sex then this one of those first time sex stories you can’t pass up!

I had half an hour before my next class so I figured I totally had enough time to have fun for myself.

I did NOT expect what happened!

There I was sitting on the toilet with the seat down and my hand between my legs. My panties were down, but not all the way off. I was playing with my hard clit and I was so close to cumming I wasn’t paying attention.

It was only after my orgasm that I heard a soft knocking on the handicap stall door. I totally thought she wanted to use the bathroom and my cheeks went hot. After I mumbled something about giving me more time she asked if she could come inside.

That totally threw me for a loop and I stumbled over my words and my panties trying to get up. She told me she knew exactly what I was doing and she like wanted in on the fun. Opening the door I explained I’d never done anything with a girl.

She said it was okay and that she would show me how. I blinked and I stepped aside so that she could come in. She took me by my hand and sat me down on the toilet seat. Then she spread my legs and pulled down my panties.

My head tilted back in pleasure and I moaned loudly. Her tongue flicking against my clit almost sent me into shock it felt so good. After I squirt all over her face she switched places with me as though I knew what I was doing.

Trying to tell her I totally had no idea wasn’t working because she only pulled my face between her legs and held it there.

I actually made her cum!

I can’t believe this was my first time with another girl and I made her cum. You better believe I ate it, too. That being said, if you like cum eating phone sex then you know who to call. I’ll eat any cum as if it matters to me who’s cum it is because I don’t care. I just think it tastes like so good. Have you tried it?

I hope you enjoyed this free sex story because it’s one of my favorites. I’d totally love to have some fun with you and it would be the best phone sex you’ve ever had. I promise.