My first time exploring a nude beach!

I did something that I’ve never done before while on my vacation the past few weeks! I was shocked how fun it was to let go and just have fun. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a nude beach before!

Nude Beach sign

The girls and I went and got waxed, and our nails done earlier that morning. We were all ready for the cruise! One of the girls got a wild hair and decided that we should all go to a nude beach near our condo. As soon as she said the words I got a rush of excitement!

We packed up our beach bags, put on sundresses with nothing underneath and headed down to the beach. Once we got there all I could see was tan ass! We found a spot to lie out and quickly got comfortable. I pulled my dress up over my head, exposing my tits and freshly bare pussy!

We took turns rubbing each other down with some tanning lotion. As we were doing that I looked over and saw a group of drop dead gorgeous men watching as we touched each other. It was hard to not notice their cocks getting hard. We all giggled amongst ourselves as we proceeded to lie out and tan.

After a few hours we decided it was time to get something yummy to drink and a bite to eat. That same group of guys packed up and the same time and followed us out. One in particular, Jason, stopped me to tell me that I caught his eye. He asked if he could treat us all to a drink. Ummm….duh! Who doesn’t love free drinks? 😉

After we left the restaurant we invited them back to our condo to continue the party. Jason and I ended up in the hot tube naked later that night. I’m sure you can guess what happened there! If not, call me and I’ll tell you all the kinky details along with some Hot Phone Sex!