I never really played with a man’s asshole before. I’m a bit of a novice to say the very least when it comes to tossing a man’s salad. Well, I got the opportunity to play with a guy. I was into fooling around when Bill asked me to play with his ass. I looked at him like he was off his bloody rocker. So I said I wasn’t sure how to do that. He said if I didn’t wanna lick his ass he would be fine.

I was sure I could do this! I had to at least give it a try. Just that brown eye looked so menacingly at me, winking and blowing kisses at me. I told him I would get a cloth to clean him up. He told me that part of the erotic part was to just be bold and do it.

I got down on my elbows and pulled his cheeks open. I stuck my tongue out and took a light lick. He actually didn’t taste awful at all! He smelled like clean soap *cuz you know there is dirty soap 😉 I pushed my tongue in deeper, I started to tongue fuck his tight asshole. I wrapped my hands around his smooth cut shaft I was slowly jerking him and working him up. I could see his balls tighten and wrinkle more.

So I pulled my tongue out and slipped a finger into his wet asshole.

I felt around for the “ball” and as soon as I rubbed it his cock melted with pre cum. I lapped at his salty goo. His breathing was uneven and his hands were digging into my head. I sucked harder and deep-throated his entire length. A few more fingers in and he blew his load into my throat.

I was pretty turned on watching him belt out moans that could shame a porn star. Now I enjoy tossing a man’s salad!

Call me and lets play with your ass!

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