First Time Hotwife – I know you’ve been jerking off to cuckold porn, haven’t you? Time to confess, hubby!

First time hotwife stories are addictive, don’t you think? First of all, I’ve always loved to be watched. Remember when we were dating? The more I flirted with other guys, the hotter our sex would be!

Secondly, you have to admit that our sex life has been a little stale lately. We’ve been married awhile now, so is it any wonder that we might be craving a little variety? Admit it, you’re feeling it too. After all, I’m pretty sure that’s why you’ve been watching a lot of cuckolding porn lately. Seriously, did you think you could hide it from me, baby?

And pssst, it’s time for me to confess that I might be secretly perving a little hotwife porn too. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Anyway, I brought it up with you the other night while we slowly made love in our usual position. At first, you somewhat reluctantly admitted that you can’t stop thinking about me as a first time hotwife. As you confessed everything you hoped those nameless, faceless men would do to me while you watched, your cock swelled and throbbed inside me. Of course, that tipped me over the edge as a mindblowing, toe-curling orgasm overtook me in a searing wave!

Afterward, I admitted that I -might- have been fantasizing about a little “hotwifery” myself. I could tell you hadn’t cum yet, which made this conversation all the more intense. Kissing me deeply, you murmured “You already have someone in mind, don’t you?”

I moaned softly, then gave you a sexy little giggle. “Maybe,” I whispered as the excitement continued to build. Kissing passionately as you throbbed deep within me, I pulled back from the kiss long enough to purr “I know he wants to…”

“What?! Are you serious? Who is it?” you groaned as you eagerly pounded my dripping pussy, my confession bringing us to the boiling point all over again.

“You’ve talked to him about our first time hotwife fantasy?” you groaned, thrusting harder. Nearly lost in the mounting pleasure, I managed to gasp “Yes, omg yes! He wants to fuck your wife!” as the most intense orgasm of my life blasted through me. Knowing that you were on the edge of blowing your load just added to the excitement.

Reaching for my phone, I rapidly tapped out a text. A moment later, we heard an answering chime. Tightening my legs around your hips to keep you buried inside me as I teasingly rocked my hips, I showed you Luke’s response.

Without delay, I dialed a number and began to talk. “Hi Luke, it’s Angel. Remember that stuff we talked about earlier? Mmmhmm, my hubby says he thinks it’s a great idea. Uh-huh, I know, yep…he says he wants you to fuck my brains out! While he watches, of course. Oh yes, that sounds perfect. See you in 15, baby!”

As I put the phone down, I pushed firmly against your hips. “Okay sexy, hop off now, we need to get me ready for Luke. He’ll be here soon!”

Clearly, you were desperate for release. However, I insisted that you hold it back for now. Making you wait drove our mutual excitement up several notches! Getting up to pull open my lingerie drawer, I pulled out a white, peephole negligee with little pink satin bows that can be untied to reveal my nipples. Stopping just above my hips, the pretty garment showcased my beautiful, smooth pussy.

After handing you a pair of sheer white stockings, I leaned back on the bed. Looking at you expectantly, I motioned that you should put them on me. Last but not least, I directed you to grab my favorite pink peep-toe pumps from the closet and slip them onto my feet.

Already hard as a rock again, you watched as I lightly applied makeup and lavished on some perfume. Giving you a sultry glance, I took your hand. Then I gently led you to the living room to await Luke’s arrival. As we settled onto the sofa, I purred into your ear.

“Just think, my love. Tonight, some other man than you will touch *me*, your sweet wife. As you watch, he will squeeze and caress my gorgeous tits. Meanwhile, he’ll lick every inch of me. After that, he’s going to fuck my dripping cunt while I scream his name. Are you ready?”

That’s a great question, sexy man. Are YOU ready? Watch for Part 2 to find out what happened next! Better yet, call my phone sex hotline NOW to hear all about it!

😇 Your Wicked Angel 😈


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