My experiences include sex with men and women. Starting at a young age in a family-fun household. Lesbian sex happening at a young age with my sister. She isn’t my first time fuck but she might be close to first. She is also one of the most memorable.

Being young and curious, my parents were realizing we were asking sexual questions and wanting to experience the answers. So, we all were together, and they were explaining things while having us undress. My siblings and I getting excited knowing we’re going to get to be more adult.

What fun we were having discovering each other’s bodies.

Fast forward to the current day. My friend Envy and I are having a blast during our girl’s day out. Shopping, fabulous lunch, massages and laughter. As we walk into her house, we hear moaning and what sounds like sex. We are looking at each other wondering the fuck is going on. Quietly, we are tiptoeing through her house to the room we hear it coming from.

As we are walking toward the noise, we hear laughter too. We are looking at each other and trying not to laugh out loud ourselves. It is her nieces’ voices we are hearing but they don’t seem to be having sex. She is smiling from ear to ear as we are trying to figure out what the hell they are up to in that room.

Turning the knob and throwing the door open.

Finding the girls in front of the television watching first time lesbian porn, both are laughing hysterically. The girls are looking at us like we are nuts. We are then explaining we thought they were having sex. The girls are surprised and tell us that is exciting because they are still virgins and were trying to decide if they should fuck during the porn.

Envy is always one to teach a hard lesson and is telling the girls she has something special they might like for their first time fuck. She is explaining she has the perfect scenario for them to lose their virginity. Consequently, packing up and loading into her Suburban, we head out. As we are driving the girls are starting to doubt Envy’s plan for them.

We pull into a pretty shitty part of town.

The girls are getting scared and tell us to take them home. As a result, Envy is relaying to them it is too late, we are here. She is pulling into a parking spot in front of a rundown apartment building. Telling the girls, her “friend” lives her and is a sexy, fine looking man for the girls to play with, we unload and head to the front door of the building.

At this point we must hold the girl’s hands, so they don’t run on us. Opening the front door and walking up the stairs. The building smells so odd as we assent upward. Weed, piss, and sweat is oozing from the walls as we go up the flights of stairs. Coming to a door, Envy knocks and lets the deep voice on the other side know it is her.

A huge big, black guy is behind the door as he opens it! The girls first time fuck will be epic!

By now, the girls are crying. Envy’s “friend” Tre is eyeing them and excited to be their first time fuck and to share them with his friends. He and Envy are discussing payment and he slips her a large bag of something. I am getting super excited to play, even though I am not sure yet what type of fun is in the bag. I smile knowing Envy always brings a good party. Always adding to my experience for GILF phone sex.

Tre is telling the girls to disrobe and calm down because they are holding onto each other and crying. The big guy that was answering the door is ripping their clothes off. I am getting wet just watching as they are forcing the girls to strip and lay down on the floor right there. Then a sexy woman is walking out from another room. When she gets to the girls, she is caressing their faces and kissing them.

Well, their first time fuck will be beyond epic!

Seems like the woman is giving the girls a hit of something and they calm down. Showing the girls how to touch each other and kissing them. There are many of us in this room as we watch the girls lose their lesbian virginity to this extremely sexy woman. They are now eating each other’s pussies and she is licking their asses. As a result, the girls are in another world now.

Sitting down to party with everyone and watch the show, even more, turned on. The girls are moaning and writhing all over in ecstasy and as they climax. For that reason, some men move down to the floor to play with them. Consequently, it is going to be a long night for the nieces.

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