First Time Daddy Daughter – I didn’t know he was watching me.

Daddy’s Story.

First Time Daddy Daughter:  This is what happened after I accidentally caught my daughter Gracie rubbing her naughty teen pussy. I know that Gracie loves to write a good incest sex story Now, it’s my turn.

Late last night, I saw the light coming from under her bedroom door. Because I thought she’d fallen asleep while reading as she sometimes does, I quietly opened it. To my amazement, I found her wide awake, lying completely naked on top of her bed.

Standing in the doorway, I looked at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

As I opened the door, Gracie hastily pulled her hands away from between her wide-spread thighs. Looking over at me fearfully, she attempted to speak. Since her mother was just across the hallway and might awaken, I quickly approached the bed to place a warning finger across my daughter’s lush pink lips to silence her.

A young teen, Gracie still had little girl features, but her breasts were starting to swell, and her hips were beginning to flare. Within moments, she had managed to pull the sheet over to cover her little hairless slit, but her legs were still exposed. I moved a little closer, gently patting and stroking her creamy, lithe thigh as I whispered that I wouldn’t tell her mother. Indeed, it would be our little secret.

The next morning, Gracie came downstairs late for breakfast. Although she could hardly look me in the eye, I acted as normally as I could.

However, I went rock hard at the thought of how delicious her naked body looked last night.

When it was time to leave to drive Gracie to school, I found myself still unbearably rigid. I had to do something about it.

Instead of taking her to school, I informed Gracie that although I wasn’t angry with her, we needed to go somewhere to have a private conversation about what had happened last night. After driving across the city, I booked a motel room and brought her inside.

Although she appeared nervous, Gracie looked innocent and pretty as she sat on the bed. Her long blond hair and cute school uniform enhanced her childish beauty. I had to take a deep breath as my dick throbbed in my pants. Angel’s mother had stopped putting out a long time ago, so I was starved for sex.

With the vivid memory of Gracie’s young, naked body in my mind, I knew nothing would stop me now.

Reaching over with both hands, I placed them on her bare knees. She offered no resistance until I started to spread them apart. Then she tried to stop me by trying to clamp her slim thighs together, but I was too strong for her.

Instinctively, she tried to push her shirt down between her legs with her hands so I couldn’t see, but I was getting more impatient. Also, I was becoming bolder.

First Time Daddy Daughter: “Take your hands away,” I demanded.

When she didn’t do it immediately, I spoke more sharply. “Do as I tell you. NOW, Gracie.” Biting her lower lip, Gracie slowly complied. My eyes were now fixed between her sleek young legs, but I couldn’t see much because her skirt was still blocking my view.

“Pull your skirt up,” I firmly demanded, “so I can see your panties.” Still reluctant, she just stared at me with her mouth open. So I quickly slid my arm under her knees to lift her up, exposing her beautifully pantied bottom.

I gave her ass one hard slap, making her yelp in pain. Then I lowered her legs to the bed, warning her that I’d spank her unless she cooperated immediately. “Quickly now!” I barked at her, “pull your skirt up all the way.”

This time, she obeyed with no further punishment required.

Again, I spread her thighs wide and she didn’t resist. I felt her warm, wet pussy through her panties. She offered no resistance but stared at me with wide, tear-filled blue eyes. Sliding my hand inside the leg of her panties, I ran my fingers over her bare cunt for the first time.

More tears were flowing down her cheeks now, but I didn’t care. Using my middle finger, I caressed her beautiful hairless slit up and down. She gasped as I pushed my thick digit into her moist snatch.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Gracie,” I told her. I couldn’t tell if she was sobbing from desire, fear, or both, but I didn’t care. At the point of no return, I was determined to have her either way.

“You need Daddy to fuck you, don’t you? Admit it,” I insisted.

Gracie gave a little nod that could’ve meant anything.

“Say it!” I growled. “Tell me you want Daddy to fuck you.” When she didn’t respond straight away, I quickly lifted her ass to give it another stinging smack. “Say it!” I cried, and in a breathy moan, she said, “Yes, Daddy! I want you to do it.”

“Do what?” I growled. “What do you want Daddy to do, Gracie?

“Fuck me!” she sobbed softly.

“Say it all!” I demanded.

Gracie groaned as she reluctantly said, “I want you to… f-f-fuck me, Daddy.”

Standing her up, I stripped every bit of clothing from her trembling, nubile body. When I had her standing nude before me, I told her how gorgeous she was. In addition, I informed her that although I really didn’t want to hurt her, I just had to have her. Furthermore, I told her that if she tried to stop me, I’d fuck her anyway.

First Time Daddy Daughter: Big tears trickled down Gracie’s cheeks, but that only made me want her more.

“Unfasten my pants,” I demanded. When she didn’t act quickly enough, I grabbed her and roughly tossed her across my knees. “Noooo, Daddy!” she screamed as I brought my hand down over her vulnerable little ass over and over again.

As she squealed and kicked helplessly, her tender bottom welted, rapidly turning a burning red under the onslaught of hard spanks. When I released her and told her again to attend to my trousers, she didn’t hesitate. I quickly helped her remove the rest of my clothing, then forced her down to suck my cock. While it felt amazing, I stopped her before I came.

More than anything, what I really wanted was to take her cherry and pump my first load into her juicy cunt.

Laying her out crosswise on the bed, I pushed her legs to her chest. Coming down over her while my feet were still on the floor, I slowly buried my raging hardon into my daughter’s tight little bald pussy while she moaned helplessly.

I found that Gracie was delightfully warm and wet. In fact, the feeling of her tightness gripping me as I forced it further and further inside her was tremendous. Suddenly, she flinched and gasped. I had hit her protective barrier, and so now I knew for sure that she was definitely a virgin.

First Time Daddy Daughter: I was about to deflower my beautiful young Gracie.

I pulled back a little, then, with one firm, hard thrust, I drove right through her precious cherry. She was a virgin no longer, and I was deep inside her belly. Her whimpers rapidly turned into lustful moans as I buried myself into her drenched pussy again and again.

Nearly ready to cum, I fucked her hard. I thought about how my balls were full of thick, hot spunk, desperate for release. Again, I thought about how long I’d finally waited to have my sweet young daughter finally.

YES! Exploding now, I shot jet after jet into her spasming cunt, flooding her teen tummy with my load. Fuck, it felt SO good!

I kept my cock in her even after I’d finished and talked to her about fucking, which gradually made me hard all over again. This time it took longer, and I pounded my shaft deep into my daughter’s teen body repeatedly, making us both cum multiple times.

That was our first time daddy daughter experience, but we’ve fucked each other many times since. I also love age play phone sex and have a super young voice. 

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