A first-time cuckold experience was exactly what  I had planned for Mommy’s new husband.  They have been living together for a few years now and finally tied the knot.   I love how he always walks around like he’s the man and I must admit that it makes my pussy wet thinking about turning from celebrated husband and stepdad to being Mallory’s little cuckold  bitch.  The fact that I  had not ever done this before, had me hot and my sexy stepdad would be my very first-time cuckold victim.   That had me elated!

From the very beginning, I knew he was a little pervert. When we all first moved in together, I caught him several times with pairs of my dirty panties.  Once I walked into the laundry room and his nose was pressed up against the cotton part of my panties.  He would be in a frenzy sniffing, licking, and rubbing them all over his cock.  At first, I would just giggle quietly to myself as I backed out of the room.  I was ready to let him know yet that  I knew his dirty little secret.

Now that I was old enough to date!

He never made a big deal about me having boys over.   I think he was turned on by some of the guys I would bring over.   So when I started dating this sexy tall, dark, and handsome black boy named  Derrick, Daddy dearest couldn’t keep his eyes off of us.  He was always snooping around.   I would only turn to see him sneaking,  watching, peeping, and hoping for even a glimpse of what Derrick’s big black cock looked like.  I had to admit it was such a turn-on to tease my stepdad with the thoughts of me taking that big black cock.  Maybe he was secretly wanting his first-time cuckold experience

So, when my mom had to work out of town, it was never a problem.  My stepdad and I got along great.   My stepdad was always such a suck-up. He always hoped that I would give my mom good updates and reports on how her hen-pecked husband was treating me.  It was my job to always keep him in line for mommy.

However, when the cats are away…

So this week, Mommy was out of town working again.    Derrick and I had the house to ourselves while my stepdad was at work.  My stepdad called to let me know that he would be working late.  Now,  my parents had moved us way out into the country and I hated staying home alone.  So it wasn’t a big deal when I told him that Derrick was going to come and spend the night so I would not be alone. That night,  my stepdad had planned on working well into the wee hours of the night.  However,  the thought of me being home with that big black cock all by myself was probably driving him crazy.  He could barely get any work done, so he headed home.

First-time cuckold experience is what he walked into!

We both heard my stepdad pull up in the garage. Derrick and I were in my bedroom.  We continued our hot make-out session and continued to undress each other.   I could see my stepdad through the cracked door with his hands rubbing his crotch as I dropped my knees while Derrick fed me his beautiful big black cock. How fucking hot was it to have my stepdad witness me gagging and choking on Derrick’s big black dick.  Little did he know this was the beginning of his first-time cuckold experience.  Derrick was so hard I couldn’t wait to put on a show for my pervert stepdad.

As I mounted  Derrick’s big black cock, I began to whisper to him my naughty plans for my stepdad.  I told him that my stepdad was watching and that tonight was the perfect time to turn him into my big black cock cuckold.  For months I had been talking to Derrick about it and now the opportunity was here.  There was no way I was going to pass on my first-time cuckold fantasy.

It’s really going down!

I could see my stepdad peeking through the cracked door,  so I made sure I gave him a show.  I rode that big black cock as I had never done before.  Derrick’s cock was throbbing in my tight wet  pussy and I knew he was about to blow his load.  That’s when I turned and looked directly at my stepdad in the doorway and said, “You can come on in, Daddy.”  At first, he didn’t move.  he was probably shocked.  So I called for him to come to me again, “Daddy, Come on in here.   I see you looking.”  “Don’t think I see you out there jerking off?”  He waited a few seconds before waddling in with his pants dropped around his ankles.

I would love to share all the naughty details about how the night ended.  Or maybe you are looking for your own cuckold husband roleplay.   No matter where you want to go with our fantasy I am only a call away.


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