There are times when you beCUM a First Time Cuckold by HAPPY ACCIDENT! But, that fucker decided it was HIS game! Even when I’m NOT at home to direct things. I CUM home to find him WARMING my BBC UP for me…or is it for HIMSELF? Giggle

So, I thought it was a cute idea that my hubby CUMS home and finds some Big Black Dick Jackhammering me.  I was startled and tried my best to explain, but it turns out, it wasn’t necessary.  He was as turned on as I’ve ever seen him.  Furthermore, he jumped right into the action by stripping naked and getting BEHIND the man I was already fucking.

In addition, my man flipped the script on me so FAST and decided to take things into his OWN hands!  When I tell you our sex life is OFF-THE-HOOK, please BELIEVE it’s one of the hottest experiences EVER!  But, ask me if I’m the least bit worried about his activities while I’m at work?  The answer is MAYBE.

I mean, I can’t get the look on his face out of my MIND.  He later told me that ONLY A MAN knows EXACTLY WHAT A MAN WANTS!  Moreover, I believe it may be true.  But, there’s NO WOMAN ALIVE who will give it to you like ME!  I’ve learned from the BEST COCKSUCK AROUND…MY MAN!

Want to hear ALL of my FIRST TIME SEX STORIES?  Being a FIRST TIME CUCKOLD problem is, sometimes you just can’t stop!  I don’t offer a Phone Sex Free Trial, but what I do offer will make you WANT TO PAY for it…and OFTEN! Especially, if I bring my boyfriend along for the RIDE! Heehee.

I’m Just Joey and I’m ALWAYS here for you 7-Days-A-Week!